‘ChiefsAholic’ exposed: Kansas City superfan robbed banks to fund NFL tickets

Kansas City Chiefs superfan “ChiefsAholic” has reportedly been arrested in Bixby, Oklahoma for robbing a bank with a weapon over the weekend, according to various media outlets.

The Chiefs superfan would reportedly rob banks before heading to away games and had even given hints at his wrongdoings via Twitter.

In fact, the news first appeared when fans were worried at his lack of activity on social media, with some saying he was probably just on his way to the Chiefs game at Houston Texans.

Soon enough, the internet discovered that ChiefsAholic had been arrested Friday morning for robbing a bank in Bixby.

The FBI is involved in the investigation, as he previously got away with multiple felonies on top removing his ankle monitor from previous charges.

Did ‘ChiefsAholic’ rob banks in wolf mask?

Despite early rumors that ChiefsAholic robbed banks in the same wolf mask that he wore to games, the theory was later debunked.

All his robberies reportedly coincide with the Chiefs away schedule.

He was only caught because a witness called the police as the robbery was happening.

Witnesses said the suspect had just left when officers arrived. After setting up a perimeter, police arrested ChiefsAholic, who had a weapon and a large amount of cash.

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