Children hospitalized after accidentally using cannabis

The number of children falling ill and ending up in hospital after accidentally using cannabis is increasing, studies show.

Since the American authorities have legalized this product in some states for medical and therapeutic reasons, the rate of poisoning by accident among children has only increased.

« Currently, 37 US states allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes and 21 states regulate recreational use by adults. », lit-on this Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

A decision that apparently harms children, who love sweets. Consequences, the adults who leave their sweets within reach of the little ones, see their sweets gobbled up by these little innocents. And that’s how they get sick.

What is worse according to specialists is that when this drug is consumed through an edible product, the effects are not immediate, which risks aggravating the case in children by the time we get there. account.

« Because the effect of edibles takes longer to manifest than when smoking, for example. These children can consume larger amounts very concentrated and when they show up they are very sick “, reported The dutyin August 2022.

These cases are also present in Canada where a study revealed a considerable increase in poisoning with cannabis in young children.

« The researchers counted 581 hospitalizations of young children for cannabis poisoning during the seven years included in the study. Their average age was three and a half “, we read on the site.

Remember that Canada made cannabis legal on October 17, 2028 following the tabling of Bill C-45. As for the United States, Colorado and Washington were the first to take the plunge in 2012, more than twenty other states followed them, Maryland and Missouri are the latest to join the ranks in November last, according to what the Montreal newspaper.

Anyone of legal age (21 and over) in these states is allowed to buy cannabis from pharmacies.

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