US police have arrested a Chilean wanted for the murder of a police officer. He was a fugitive from Chilean justice and resided illegally in the northern country.

A Chilean wanted for a cause of murder as a frustrated against a national police official was arrested this Thursday in Maryland, United States.

The news was confirmed by the American Immigration and Customs Control Service, through a letter published this Friday on your website. According to the body dependent on the Department of Security, it is about Luis Alberto Rojas Carreno, 34 years old. As verified by BioBioChile, he is a man from Valparaíso.

In 2013, the subject was convicted of arms and ammunition trafficking. Meanwhile, in 2014 he again received a sentence for three counts of trafficking in small quantities. Added to this are threats to the military police and possession or carrying of weapons.

It was in June 2018 that Rojas Carreño entered the United States. He landed at New York International Airport (John F. Kennedy) with a Waiver visa, corresponding to “pleasure visits” and not immigration.

“He was authorized to remain in the United States until September 2018. He did not leave the territory when required.”is stated in the official information.

However, in April 2021, the Chilean police issued an arrest warrant against Rojas Carreño for the crime of qualified homicide that resulted in the death of a “Chilean police officer”. Already in October, the American teams received the notification.

After his arrest on Thursday, Luis Rojas Carreño remains in custody awaiting his extradition to Chile.

At the time of publishing this note, the United States has not provided further details regarding the identity of the murdered police officer.