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On the 13th, the Security Department of the British Intelligence Agency (MI5) sent a document to the House of Representatives warning that the Chinese Communist Party had hired a female agent to improperly exert influence on British lawmakers. Photo taken in London, January 2022 (2022 Reuters / Toby Melville)

[London, 13th Reuters]–The Security Service (MI5) of the British Intelligence Service sent a document to the House of Representatives on the 13th, warning that the Chinese Communist Party had hired a female agent to improperly exert influence on British lawmakers. did.

MI5 sent a picture of a woman named Christian Lee and a warning. He is said to have been involved in “activities that interfere” with British politics. Speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle circulated the warning to lawmakers.

According to Mr. Foil, MI5 believes that women helped women donate to incumbent lawmakers on behalf of “foreign nationals based in Hong Kong and China.” Mr. Foil said the woman was involved in the now-dissolved bipartisan parliamentary group “Chinese in Britain.”

Interior Minister Patel told reporters that women’s behavior is currently not within the scope of criminal prosecution. However, he said the government could warn lawmakers about attempts to improperly influence women, and was “deeply concerned that individuals working on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party would target British lawmakers. There is. “

According to government officials, the woman is the founder of a law firm. According to the law firm’s website, the business includes legal advice to the Chinese embassy in the UK. Offices are in London and Birmingham. According to the notification documents to the authorities, the female is of British nationality. When Reuters called the Birmingham office, the woman said, “We don’t answer the phone at all.” The London office and the Chinese embassy in the UK have not responded to requests for comment.

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Opposition Labor Rep. Barry Gardiner admitted that he had received hundreds of thousands of pounds of donations from women to pay for investigators in his office, but contacted intelligence officials for years about women. I said it was. Mr. Gardiner had hired a female son in the office, but he quit on the 13th.

Former Conservative leader Duncan Smith asks the government for the latest information on this issue. He criticized women for not being deported yet and called for stricter certification procedures for those seeking access to the British Parliament.

Relations between Britain and China have deteriorated in recent years over issues such as Hong Kong and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China.


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