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Dear comrades, friends, ladies and gentlemen!

Greetings! The year 2021 is coming soon. While in Beijing, I send all of you my best New Year greetings!

2020 has been a challenging year. Faced with the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, we demonstrated our will and love for life, adhering to the principles of “people above all, life above all else”, filled the fight against the pandemic with unshakable will and a desire to win. In the course of the general struggle against difficulties, we showed firmness, stubbornly defended achievements, understood the paramount importance of jointly overcoming disasters and sorrows, laid heroic sacrifices on the altar of victory, and witnessed mutual assistance. From angels in white coats to warriors – sons of the fatherland, from scientists to social workers, from volunteers to builders, from the elderly over 70 to the younger generation born after the 90s and after 2000. Countless people have dedicated their lives to an important mission, defended the lives of others with their sincere love. Each small effort has turned into a powerful force, an unbreakable wall of protection for life. All, without exception and without hesitation, stood heart to heart, shoulder to shoulder, each touching scene demonstrated the great spirit of fighting the epidemic.

Splendor comes from simplicity, and heroes come from the people. Each of them deserves admiration! I express my sympathy to everyone who is infected, and I send words of respect to every national hero! I am proud of our Great Motherland and our people, our strong and developing national spirit!

The hardships of life make a person strong, and careful polishing imbues the jade with grace. We overcame the impact of the epidemic of coronavirus infection, having achieved significant results in anti-epidemic work and in socio-economic development. The implementation of the “13th Five-Year Plan” plan has come to the end with complete success, the tasks of the “14th Five-Year Plan” have been outlined. The formation of a new development structure is accelerating, the concept of high-quality development is being implemented.

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China became one of the first major economies in the world to achieve positive economic growth as a priority. According to preliminary estimates, in 2020, the country’s GDP exceeded 100 trillion yuan. China’s food production and yields have grown for 17 consecutive years.

China has made a number of important breakthroughs in various fields of science and technology, including the launching of the Tianwen 1 and Chang’e 5 space probes and the Fendouzhe submarine. The construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port is developing rapidly and intensively.

In addition, we managed to withstand the impact of the destructive water element. The servicemen and people did not give up in the face of difficulties, they joined forces to fight the epidemic, striving to minimize the damage.

I went on inspection trips to 13 provinces (autonomous regions and cities of central subordination), where I was glad to notice that the local residents meticulously and strictly adhered to anti-epidemic requirements, did not waste time to restore production and work, made every effort to expand innovative activity. The people of our country are full of confidence, strive for hard work, an atmosphere of vital energy and positive strength reigns in the country.

In 2020, we have achieved historic success in the all-round formation of a moderately prosperous society, won the final victory over the fight against poverty. We have dealt a crushing blow to poverty in the most underdeveloped regions of the country, fulfilling the daunting task of fighting poverty. For 8 years, about 100 million people of the rural population were freed from poverty, all 832 of the poorest counties of the country were expelled from the poverty line. Over the past years, I have visited 14 of the poorest districts, where local residents, villagers have worked hard and many cadres have devoted their lives to helping the local population to overcome poverty. All these pictures often stand before my eyes. We must not relax, we must continue to make active efforts to paint a wonderful picture of the revival of the village, confidently move towards achieving the goal of gaining a prosperous life for all.

This year, the country hosted a number of celebrations dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen and the 30th anniversary of the development of the new Pudong district in Shanghai. Filled with vital energy, Shenzhen is a metropolis located on the coast of the South China Sea, the beautiful embankments of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. From the first experimental zones, they turned into demonstration zones, and the desire for experimentation and innovation was transformed into a driving force of innovation. Reform and opening up created a miracle of development, in the future we must show more courage to deepen reforms and expand openness to write even more “stories of spring bloom and development.”

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When people have a commonality of interests and aspirations, they are united, our entire planet is a single family. Having survived the “winds and rains” of the outgoing year, we began to better understand the meaning and meaning of the concept of a community of the common destiny of mankind.

I have held talks with many old and new friends around the world, participated in many online conferences in which we discussed cooperation in the fight against coronavirus in complete unity and harmony. The path to confront the pandemic is long and thorny. The peoples of all countries of the world must hand in hand, sharing sorrows and sorrows, dispel the darkness as quickly as possible, make more efforts to create a more wonderful and friendly family on our planet.

2021 celebrates the centenary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. A century of large-scale and rapid development. The CCP’s original purpose for this century remains firm and unshakable. From Shikumen in Shanghai to Lake Nanhu in Jiaxing, the small “Red Boat”, carrying the command of the people and the hope of the nation, overcame turbulent currents and waves, bypassed dangerous shoals and turned into a giant ship that leads China to sustainable development.

We have passed a hundred wonderful years from the endless path to achieving great goals. We adhere to the principle of “people in the spotlight”, we always remember our original goal and mission, in spite of the elements, wind and waves, moving in full sail in the vanguard, we will certainly achieve a great revival of the Chinese nation.

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At the historic crossroads of two hundred years, we begin a new path of comprehensive construction of a modernized socialist state. The path is long and thorny, and there are many difficulties ahead. Thanks to a stubborn struggle, we have overcome many obstacles – mountains and seas. In the future, we will continue to fight, we will boldly go forward to create a more wonderful future.

At this moment, the lights of festive lanterns come on in China, families get together. New Year is coming soon. I wish our native land, our mountains and rivers to become even more beautiful, the state was stable, and the people lived in prosperity. I wish you all prosperity and happiness!


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