Chocolate Falls: A Walk Through the Navajo Nation

Las waterfalls Grand Fallsin the heart of the Navajo Nationhave a much more descriptive name: Chocolate Falls, and they are unique in the world. But as you may have deduced, they are not what they seem.

These brown waterfalls, officially named Grand Fallsare located about 30 miles northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona, in the Painted Desert from Navajo Nation. You can see them in all their splendor in the opening video of the news.

With a height of 56 metrosare higher than Niagara Falls, explains Howstuffworks. But they don’t flow all year. They can only be seen in March or Aprilafter the melting of the White Mountains and the spring rains, or a few weeks in summer, with the monsoon rains.

Chocolate Falls, Navajo Territory

Of course, the liquid that gives them their name is not real. what we see is brown water tinged with fear The limo and the minerals What is on this mountain?

The origin of the Grand Falls It dates back to the Pleistocene, millions of years ago. An ancient volcanic eruption at Merriam Crater reached the Little Colorado River canyon. The hot lava cooled and filled the channel upstream and downstream, forming a natural dam. Later a lake was formed which is the one that drops the water, giving shape to the Chocolate Falls.

The water flows into the river little coloradoand travels 544 Kilometers until ending in the Colorado Riverin full Grand Canyon.

The falls can be visited. They are part of the Navajo Nation, a 25,000 square mile Native American reservation that covers parts of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. some live here 350,000 inhabitants.

It is Navajo territory has its own local laws. To visit the waterfalls You do not need a permit, but it is forbidden to leave the road with the car. Outside the asphalt you can only go on foot or on horseback.

Las Chocolate Falls o Grand Falls They are unique in the world, due to their characteristic color. If you travel to Arizona o al Grand Canyon of the Colorado they are a must-see, should you arrive at the right time of year.

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