Chris Palace talks about the ‘Insomnia’ EP and his upcoming projects

Raw Alejandrowho won the Latin Pop Song of the Year category with ‘Todo de ti’ at the 2022 Billboard Awards, He already has his own record label and in every place he goes he looks for the new talents of the urban genre, such as Chris Palace.

This new star, born in Maryland, United States, spoke exclusively to Telemundo to remember how her artistic career began and part of the plans she plans to work on in 2023, stressing the great support and gratitude she feels towards the boyfriend of Rosalía.

Although Chris Palace is one of the most contemporary stars of the moment, his effort has led him to climb new levels to be able to be with Rauw Alejandro and The Sen Seiimportant figures within the music industry who helped him with the production of his EP ‘Insomnia’, which was released on November 25, when the Christmas season began.

“I decided to call the EP ‘Insomnia’ because the artist’s first stage is one where you don’t sleep because you have to work and work. You fall, without realizing it, into an insomnia of life ”, Chris Palace stressed at the time.

However, throughout the conversation with Telemundo, Chris Palace was completely honest and recalled with nostalgia what the beginning of his career in music was like, as he prepared himself as a professional writer to be able to reach major league artists, such as Rauw Alejandro, whom he called “mentor”, because he has always supported and advised him.

Palace shared that something he has learned from Rauw is dedication to work and that he has advised him never to stop. “Let me eat the study, never stop working because it is the most important thing in this career. Never give yourself a breakebecause every day there are new kids coming out”.

The young star confessed that, since he was a child, music was an aspect that caught his attention and he even came to adopt the way of dressing Daddy Yankeeso over the years he prepared himself and, at a party, managed to meet Rauw Alejandro, who for some time had already analyzed the work that his next talent was doing.

Thus, the interpreter of ‘El efecto’ told him all the plans he had for Chis Palace, who accepted the proposal and they began to work. Under this scenario, the new star has had unmatched growth, but he is still thirsty to conquer more goals, for which he commented that he has already thought of his plans for 2023 as new songs and collaborations, of which he still cannot give great details. .

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