Christmas services were held in all churches of North Ossetia

Vyacheslav Bitarov congratulated Orthodox Christians on Christmas. According to the head, this big and significant holiday for all Orthodox Christians confirms the ineradicable faith of a person in the triumph of goodness and life, helps to overcome any difficulties and hardships. “Like other religious holidays traditionally celebrated in our republic, Christmas teaches us to preserve and preserve the age-old spiritual values ​​of the people, to strive to be their worthy successors, ready to do good and useful for the common cause,” the head of the republic said, wishing its inhabitants peace , stability, interethnic and interfaith harmony. Faith in all the best gathered believers tonight. Festive services were held in all churches in North Ossetia.

Christmas night. A time when hope and faith unite for peace and love to rule on earth.

Alansky Epiphany Convent. Faith brought people here tonight. Christmas candles light up one by one, illuminating a path that is sure to be happy.

A miracle is the birth of Jesus. Here, in the very heart of the monastery, is the very cave and everyone who witnessed the birth of Christ. The place where the baby Jesus was born is indicated by the Star of Bethlehem – a symbol of the Nativity of Christ.

The joy of meeting after a long separation. Believers are in no hurry to leave after the service. In the courtyard of the temple, they slowly walk and even strangers congratulate each other and wish good and light.

To offer prayers on this night means to calm the soul, to hear your neighbor. Someone came here for the first time today. As the nuns say, this is no coincidence. Free will directed to God is a person’s calling to serve and pray.

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Right after the celebration of the Nativity of Christ, Christmastide begins. They will last until January 17th. This is a time of fun and good deeds. After that, the Orthodox will begin Great Lent.


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