Chronicles of the South Times: Year 2020

Krasnodar, December 30 – South Times. The editors made a traditional selection of the brightest events of the outgoing year.

This year will certainly go down in history as the year of the new COVID-19 virus. The fight against a dangerous infection has become the main task of the past twelve months in all countries of the world, to one degree or another left an imprint on the most diverse spheres of society. Yet human activity could not completely stop, and in the Kuban there was no shortage of events that attracted the attention of the majority.

Loss of the year

The fire in the Utrish nature reserve shook not only the Krasnodar Territory, but the whole of Russia. About 126 hectares were affected by the fire.

They tried to cope with the fire of the relic forest on the territory of Anapa for almost three days. The fire was eliminated by the morning of August 26, but for a long time it was necessary to extinguish the coals in the tree trunks. Aviation was involved in the work, which made 228 water discharges with a total volume of 1,546 tons, the RSChS group in the amount of 486 people and 86 pieces of equipment, including 210 personnel and 35 pieces of equipment from the Russian Emergencies Ministry, as well as volunteers.

The restoration of the territory will take many years. During the fire, not only the Red Book and relict herbs and flowers died, but also the slow-growing centenarians – junipers and pistachios, many of them were 200-300 years old or more. The preliminary version of the fire is careless handling of fire. Based on the materials of the regional prosecutor’s office, a criminal case was initiated against the director of the Utrish state reserve. He is suspected of negligence, resulting in particularly large damage.

In the future, the regional reserve “Bolshoy Utrish” will be included in the federal reserve. The move will secure the area and ban campgrounds and commercial construction.

Project of the Year

For the first time a federal territory appeared in the Kuban. It was the village of Sirius, which was separated from Sochi.

Sirius is based on the educational center of the same name, Olympic facilities and the infrastructure of Formula 1. In the urban-type settlement, they established their own regime for organizing public power and carrying out economic and other activities.

The public authorities will include the Council of the federal territory “Sirius” as a representative body, the administration as an executive and administrative body and other public authorities, if their formation is provided for by the charter of the territory. The Council will be headed by the chairman, and the administration – by its head. The position of the head of the federal territory “Sirius” and the rule on the highest official of the territory have been excluded. Sirius was also endowed with its own budget, independent of the Krasnodar Territory, its own property and property rights.

Finds of the year

One of the largest Russian archaeological finds was a section of an ancient road in the vicinity of Anapa.

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It was discovered during excavations on the territory of an ancient estate.

This is the first time such an artifact has been discovered in the Kuban. The road was operated from the middle of the 4th to the 2nd century. BC e. Scientists suggest that she connected the countryside and Gorgippia. Its length reaches 100 meters. In the southern part, the width of the road is 6 meters, towards the north it gradually widens, forming a branch, and reaches 21 meters. Various amphorae and more than 100 coins were found near the excavations.

This is not the only discovery in the region over the past year. Thus, in the Temryuk region, an ancient Turkic statue of the 7th-8th centuries AD was found. Another find is paired burials near the village of Novotitarovskaya in the Dinsky district. They date back to the end of the 3rd millennium BC. e. Scientists suggest that this is a ritual burial of a tribal leader or a noble person.

Operation of the Year

Kuban surgeons performed a unique operation that they refused to do in other parts of the world. An American family turned to Krasnodar doctors to treat their daughter’s melanocytic nevus. A rare disease manifests itself in the form of a huge birthmark on the face. The patient By Luna Fenner the doctor took care of Pavel Popov… In one of the Krasnodar clinics, the girl had the skin restored on her cheek, where the birthmark had previously been removed.

After successful treatment, the number of foreign patients visiting Krasnodar doctors has increased several times. So, in early March, another little US resident with a similar disease flew to the Kuban capital.

Final of the year

In Krasnodar, the draft general plan was finally adopted.

Months of development were not in vain. The project of the general plan of Krasnodar was awarded a diploma of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences as the best conceptual urban development project.

For the development of the Kuban capital, an agglomeration model was determined. According to experts’ forecasts, the population of Krasnodar by 2040 will amount to over 3.2 million people, while the city’s possibilities make it possible to comfortably settle no more than 2.2 million. The Krasnodar agglomeration will help to solve the problem: Seversky, Dinskaya and Krasnoarmeisky districts, as well as Goryachy Klyuch.

The master plan envisages the creation of 12 social and business zones, which will be provided with the necessary social infrastructure, recreation and leisure areas. It is planned to build external and internal transport rings and four transport corridors. The main transport in the city is the tram. The length of tram lines will triple, 226 new interchange stations and three new depots will be built.

Update of the year

Krasnodar has carried out the largest tram fleet renewal in recent years.

35 new cars from the Ust-Katavsky plant were delivered to the Western tram depot of the Kuban capital.

A number of improvements have appeared in them: the batteries are better protected from damage in case of an accident, more powerful heating was installed in the driver’s compartment, the seats are made of thermoplastic, not metal. The rest of the requirements remain the same: trams are adapted to transport people with disabilities, the salon is equipped with air conditioning, sockets and USB connectors.

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Next year, the planned renewal of the KTTU fleet will continue.

Anomaly of the year

An acute shortage of water in the rivers of the Kuban has led to an unprecedented shallowing of the Krasnodar reservoir.

The reasons were the winter with little snow and drought. As a result, rice and fish farms faced difficulties, and some resorts were left without fresh water. Due to the drought in the Kuban River, tens of thousands of fry of especially valuable sturgeon fish died, which had an extremely negative impact on the state of the entire ecosystem.

Shallowing was seen all over the edge. In Sochi, for the first time in forty years, the waterfall and lake of the recreational facility “Agurskoye Gorge and Waterfalls” dried up for almost a month. This happened because, due to drought, there was no water at the source of the Agura River, from which the waterfall was fed.

The Vladimirskoye reservoir in the village of Gaiduk near Novorossiysk also dried up. A lot of fish died in the lake with an area of ​​3 thousand square meters. The drought also affected Sukko, where the reservoir became shallow. To save the bog cypress trees, access to them was limited and regular watering was organized.

It is interesting to note that the shallowing of the lake helped the young growth survive, as earlier the seeds died in the water. Annual tree seedlings were transplanted. They will be looked after for three to five years, and when they reach 1.5-2 m, they will return to their usual environment.

Robbery of the year

By the end of the year, Krasnodar spent the whole day in a special operation mode to search for the criminals who robbed the bank.

Almost every car was inspected at the entrances and exits from the city, which caused kilometer-long traffic jams. The attack itself took place in the early morning. The robbers drove up to the bank, broke down the door and pulled out the payment terminal. The crew chased the car, which the intruders stole for the attack. And when law enforcement officers blocked the car at a dead end, one of the fugitives opened fire. A traffic police officer was wounded. One suspect was detained. A little later the second was detained. He fell into the hands of law enforcement officers when he was traveling on a regular bus in Tuapse. Operational search activities aimed at establishing the whereabouts and detention of another of the attackers continue.

MARINA TUGAEVA, director, editor-in-chief of the weekly “South Times”.

Bright projects and successful solutions!

Dear colleagues, friends and partners! On New Year’s Eve, we all make plans for the future and make wishes. I would like to wish you strategic courage, bright projects and successful decisions. Enjoy every day, be inspired, create, love and dare!

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Be healthy and full of energy and strength!

May your brightest hopes come true and your most incredible dreams come true.

Thank you for being and staying with us! Good news to all of us and a magical new year!

OLEG ZHARKO, Chairman of the Southern Regional Committee of the Association of European Businesses.

Good luck in all your endeavors!

On behalf of the Southern Regional Committee of the Association of European Businesses, please accept my sincere congratulations on the New Year 2021!

You and I are seeing off a difficult year, when we have become physically further, and humanly much closer to each other. This year tested us for strength, we coped and discovered new strengths in ourselves. When making plans for the coming year, we always hope for the best.

I would like to wish that all your plans come true, good luck will accompany you in business, and most importantly – that you and your loved ones are healthy!

ALEXANDER VLASOV, ataman of the Kuban Cossack army, vice-governor of the Kuban.

Embodiments of ideas!

Dear old people, gentlemen atamans, brothers and sisters, Cossacks!

I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! The outgoing leap year brought many challenges. We all had to learn to work in the new realities that were dictated by the pandemic. Together we looked for and found the necessary solutions, supported each other, were there.

But 2020 will remain in our memory and the year of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. On June 24, a parade of the Kuban Cossack army took part in the parade dedicated to the significant date.

The long-awaited 2021 is ahead. I would like to wish as many happy days as possible among these gray everyday life. And the main thing is that peace and love always reign in your families! May the coming year be a year of bright ideas, long-awaited changes, significant events!

MIKHAIL ASTAPOV, rector of the Kuban State University.

Family warmth!

Friends! Please accept my most sincere and warmest congratulations on the New Year 2021 and Merry Christmas! New Year and Christmas are special, everyone’s favorite holidays. They give us hope for happiness and good luck, bring joy of new beginnings, symbolize renewal, warmth of the hearth, long-awaited meetings with family and friends, harmony and love.

In the outgoing year, KubSU celebrated its centenary. The pandemic did not allow the celebration of the centenary of the university to be held on the scale at which we planned, but it helped to come to the conclusion that the 100th anniversary of the university is not a phenomenon of one day or a week, it is an event of the whole year.

I am convinced that the year 2021 will continue the baton of multiplying good traditions and deeds, and will delight with new achievements and discoveries.

I wish you and your loved ones good luck, family warmth, material well-being, good health!

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