Churchill arranged a “Stage in Marrakech” for half a million pounds

The expert appreciated the paintings of the great politician

Winston Churchill’s painting “Scene at Marrakech” was put up for auction by Christie’s with an estimate of almost 500 thousand pounds, or more than 677 thousand dollars. The famous British Prime Minister painted the canvas in 1935 and presented it to Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. The work is being put up for auction for the first time. Inna Pulikova, an art critic, spoke about Churchill, the MK artist.

“Of course, we must take into account that when it comes to the sale of works created by such historical figures as Winston Churchill, the historical context is of great importance in determining the price, that it is Churchill,” Inna Pulikova tells the MK correspondent. – If this painting belonged to the brush of an ordinary artist, the interest would be much less. However, we must give credit to Churchill. Although he was an amateur artist, he was quite interesting and strong. Yes, when evaluating his work, the fact that he is a famous politician plays a big role, but it is impossible to say that his paintings are something weak, meaningless and talentless.

– How unusual was it that a famous politician painted pictures?

– It was not something unique and shocking. This was not an isolated case when a politician, an aristocrat, is also an artist. It was considered normal for British society that a person of any status was engaged in painting. He is not obliged to make a living, feed his family or exhibit in any way. This is entertainment for a gentleman who has the means, but gives his time to such an occupation. Churchill gave pictures, and they bought them. It is difficult to judge how popular and savvy they would have been if he had not been prime minister. In England, the amateur artist movement was very widespread. It was considered a decent occupation: societies were created that united many artists. Besides the fact that this is an amateur work created by a famous politician, it is also evidence of certain artistic trends in the art and social life of England.

– What role did painting play in the life of Churchill himself?

– As you can imagine, his life was eventful, and he didn’t have much time to constantly paint. He began to pay more attention to her already in adulthood. Churchill wrote what was in his field of vision. He paid a lot of attention to landscapes, what went in the mainstream of the British classical school of painting. Art was of great importance to him. An insanely busy person on vacation could play golf, ride a horse, hunt foxes, sail. But he devoted his free time to painting. Perhaps it was not only a way to relax, get away from reality, but meditation, when a person switches and goes into the world of colors: this is relaxation, and training for the brain, nourishment, interaction with beauty, transition to another plane where you can use your talents …

Note that this is not the first work of Winston Churchill, put up for auction. For example, in November 2020, Christie’s sold his painting “Jugs and Bottles” for almost a million pounds.


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