Citizen Reporter Photos: Until October 14: Five new snapshots on the Newswall

Friday! It’s time again for new photos from the local compass community on our newswall at Limbecker Platz in Essen! That means: Five new snapshots are now being presented on Germany’s largest media screen.

You are of course also invited to view the impressive presentation on site. We can hope that many people will see your pictures on the big news wall.

tips and information

→ Landscape format: It just has to be. The aspect ratio is approx. 6:1, the editors choose the final section.
→ Resolution: I cannot enter a value here. The more pixels, the better.
→ Snapshot: If you create the image as a snapshot, there is a greater likelihood that it will also be found. A picture is sometimes lost in a large series of pictures.

More photo campaigns in the local compass:
→ Photo of the week
→ Your favorite photo

If you discover great pictures in the portal – let us know and send us the link to or via PM. Congratulations to the photographers.

A favorite as if painted
The view from the Berger monument to the Ruh area.  (Witten)

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