Climate change: Progress in the fight against wildfires in California – Panorama

A firefighter battles the blazes from the Oak Fire in Mariposa County. Foto: Ethan Swope/San Francisco Chronicle/AP/dpa

Thousands of helpers have been trying for days to contain the fire that is raging in an area of ​​almost 68 square kilometers. The authorities are now reporting initial successes.

Mariposa (dpa) – In the strong summer heat and persistent drought in California, the fight against several forest fires continues. The fire department reported initial progress by using more than 2,500 helpers against a fire near Yosemite National Park. The so-called Oak fire is now 10 percent contained, the authorities said.

The fire that broke out on Friday afternoon for reasons that are still unknown had covered an area of ​​almost 68 square kilometers by Monday. Ten buildings were destroyed, thousands of houses and apartments are in the danger zone, according to the Cal Fire authority.

California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in the affected area on Saturday. More than 3,000 residents had to leave the region in the Mariposa district. The flames had spread “extremely quickly” and this was “unprecedented,” fire chief Jon Heggie told CNN.

The nearby US National Park Yosemite, a popular tourist destination, initially remained open to visitors. However, the park administration pointed out heavy smoke in the region on Monday. Accordingly, the air quality was classified as “very unhealthy”.

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