Closure of the government of Morena in Michoacán, they reproach migrants

Dalia Villegas Moreno/Quadratín

MORELIA, Mich., January 4, 2023.- The government of Morena in Michoacán has been characterized by maintaining an attitude of closure and slander in the face of the demands of the migrant community, reproached club leaders who reject the appointment of Teresa Mora Covarrubias as Head of the Secretariat for Migrants (Semi-Migrants).

In an interview with Quadratín, Artemio Arreola, a member of the Federation of Michoacán Clubs in Illinois and Casas Michoacán, considered the statements of the president of Morena in Michoacán, Juan Pablo Celis Silva, who this Wednesday detracted from the legitimacy of the demand of these organizations, to be regrettable and slanderous. , when affirming that some of these reject and ignore Teresa Mora because they have not received subsidies from the 4T government in Michoacán.

To an express question, the migrant leader said that there are already close to 180 migrant leaders and organizations that do not know Teresa Covarrubias, and that the Federation only one of these received public resources from the Government of Michoacán, established within the framework of legality and that they are public.

Artemio Arreola reported that although the former Migrant Secretary, Brenda Fraga Gutiérrez, refused to renew the subsidy agreement, the amount of which, she said, does not even reach 2 percent of the Club’s income, she stressed that the only reason for rejecting Teresa Mora is that the former deputy of the PT and specialist in education, does not have the profile to be in charge of the Secretariat for Migrants.

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