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Russia covers an area of ​​17 million square kilometers It is home to 146.5 million inhabitants This long land stretches from North Asia to Europe This colossus has an extraordinary natural wealth Coal, iron, nickel, diamonds , Petroleum gas A strength that allows it to gain a foothold in the nuclear and space sectors. Russia is therefore not only the largest country in the world, but also a major player in investment in space zones.

Canada is the second largest country in the world Between the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic, the country spans 9,984,670 square kilometers of waterfalls, plains and mountains unite in a fascinating virtuosity towards Canada, because Russia has a remarkable natural wealth Beyond its fabulous landscapes, it has established itself as one of the key players in America thanks to its oil and mineral resources, Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world and shines especially in science

The United States has an area of ​​9,629,048 square kilometers between Alaska and its fourteen island regions, the country offers a variety of landscapes very different. Likewise, the interior of the continent alternates between deserts and cold and humid forests, a force that has made this country one of the most visited in the world, from New York to Los Angeles via Las Vegas and San Francisco Today, the country is a pillar in the production of new energies and in the development of new means of communication

China is home to one sixth of the world’s population, or 1.3 billion, not only is it the fourth largest country in the world, but it is also the most populous with an area of ​​9,596,961 square kilometers. One of its riches natural is the diversity of its landscapes thanks to the different climates that meet in the same area. China is also known for its large workforce, which made it the workshop of the world

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Brazil is 8 years old514,876 square kilometers the largest country in Latin America Its paradisiacal beaches and festive spirit have made it one of the hotspots for international festivities.The 2014 World Cup, the 2016 Olympic Games and every year the Carnival of Rio are events that shaped Brazil where their economic strength lies mainly in agriculture Brazil ranks seventh among the world’s greatest economic powers

Australia is famous for its kangaroos, its wild nature mixed with an environment as modern as the countries of the West It is arguably one of the most fascinating, fascinating and isolated countries in the world. area of ​​7,692,060 km² or 5.2% of the earth’s living space the sixth largest nation in the world

India is geographically and demographically the land of superlatives The land of the Maharajas covers an area of ​​3,287,263 km2 (or 2.3% of the earth’s living area) the seventh largest country in the world It is also the one of the most populous with more than a billion inhabitants

Argentina is known to offer the world some of the greatest players in football history (Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi) It is above all an imposing nation with an area of ​​over 2,780,400 km² of land It is the eighth largest nation in the world

Kazakhstan is unknown due to its continental isolation and yet one of the countries which then decided to separate from the Soviet bloc with a total area of ​​2,724,910 km², it is the ninth largest country in the world

Algeria is best known for the architectural masterpieces that date back to colonial times in the cities of Constantine and other countries It is the largest country in Africa but also the tenth largest in the world with an area of ​​2,381,741 km², i.e. 1.6% of the earth’s surface

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