Democratic Party Rep. Manchin sinks a big bill in the Biden administration. Why?

(CNN) The late John McCain, a Republican senator from Arizona, will be forever memorable for his bravery, both as an individual and as a politician. Not afraid to deviate from the group, even if his party members shouted that he was betrayal, his attitude did not change.

Charlie Dent / CNN

The dramatic moment McCain turned his thumb down in the 2017 Senate and put an end to the Obamacare abolition bill will never disappear. And this time, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia) interviewed Fox News moderator Brett Bear on the 19th to spend Democratic Build Back Better (Better Reconstruction, BBB) social spending. The moment he said he didn’t support the bill was comparable to Mr. McCain’s time.

Manchin, like McCain in 2017, knew that long-term, sustainable reforms required bipartisan agreements and compromises. Manchin has led the task of enacting a recently enacted bipartisan infrastructure bill, demonstrating his dedication to bipartisan action. And for months, he has shown opposition and reservations to the size and scope of the BBB bill.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Ayana Presley, who criticize Mr. Manchin, have blamed Mr. Manchin immediately after the interview with Mr. Bear. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper’s show “State of the Union,” Sanders said he didn’t have the courage and courage to attack Manchin, but he loved it and attacked the eighteenth drug and insurance company. Expanded.

Presley said Manchin “moved the goal post” and “never negotiated in good faith.” White House spokesman Jen Psaki issued a surprising statement to chase Mr. Manchin, citing “a mysterious shift in stance and a breach of promise to the president.”

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But wait a minute. Explain that it is mysterious. The truth is that progressives such as Sanders and Presley have taken too far and completely misread Biden’s instructions. Manchin has been open and transparent for months. He even sent a letter this summer outlining his policies, attitudes and lines that must not be crossed, signed by Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer.

Over the months, Manchin has stated that he will not move above $ 1.5 trillion and has expressed policy opposition on numerous BBB items. In fact, he argued and elaborated on the budgetary gimmicks and deceptions that underestimated the cost of the BBB. Earlier this year, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton budget model would increase the actual cost of the BBB to $ 4.6 trillion if this spending and revenue clause were to perpetuate–a 10-year budget period without a gimmick. I estimated that if I made a realistic assumption.

Manchin is the one who actually bargains, and many who criticize him are not. The far left wants all the BBB now. Moreover, critics of Manchin want him to commit political suicide in West Virginia. Many voters in the state are Republican supporters, by asking him for policy issues that have little impact on them.

As Democratic Congressman Abigail Spanberger (Virginia) and Manchin know, “No one chose him (Biden) to be FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt). I chose it as a normal existence, an existence that stops confusion. ” In other words, Mr. Biden was chosen as a bridge, not a transformant. If voters wanted the Biden administration to change, they would have given him a parliamentary majority, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson, but they almost certainly didn’t. “I have never been liberal in any way, shape, or (form),” Manchin said on September 30, after repeated pressure from progressives. If progressives want a bigger fiscal adjustment bill, he said, “election more liberals.”

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Mr Manchin has been pointing no to the BBB for months. The progressives just didn’t want to hear it. However, they should listen carefully to the following contents. If Manchin wants a Democrat much more than he wants, and if he wants to maintain a very fragile Senate majority, he should rethink his counterattack. That’s good.

After all, the BBB failed-at least this time-because the Democrats overdo it. Voters swaying between Democrats and Republicans rewarded Mr Biden in the 2020 elections, while supporting Republican candidates at the bottom of the poll and checking to keep the Democratic left from going too far. I expected deterrence. Democrats have ridiculed the sensibilities and intellects of many swaying voters by telling the public that BBB is not a burden at all. In addition, moderate Democrats in the House of Representatives voted in favor of a controversial bill that could not pass the Senate, resulting in political damage. The House Republican Party also made the same catastrophic mistake in 2017, before McCain stabbed his thumb down on the Obamacare abolition bill.

Far-left and far-right radicalists are reluctant to learn these harsh lessons. Because it’s inconvenient. Political incentives require them to satisfy the most enthusiastic groups of their party’s foundations. There are no agreements or compromises.

Like Mr. McCain, we should thank Mr. Manchin for his gratitude. Someone can put a medal on his chest.

Charlie Dent is a former Republican member of the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, chairman of the House Ethics Committee in 2015-17, and chairman of the Military Construction, Retirement and Related Organizations Subcommittee of the House Expenditure Committee in 2015-18. Has served. Currently, he is a political commentator on CNN. The content of the article is his personal opinion.

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