U.S. Republican Cruz members aim to destroy and protect democracy

(CNN) US Republican Senator Ted Cruz wants you to believe: He and his 11 Republican senators intend to challenge the approval of the electoral vote for the presidential election. It “protects” Japan’s “democratic process” by opposition to aggregation in multiple fierce battle states. But that’s a lie.

Dean Obederer

In fact, what Cruz and his conspirators are trying to do is nothing more than a “bloodless coup,” as CNN’s Jake Tapper bluntly named it on Wednesday’s show. They will help Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 election results and try to keep him president. Despite being defeated by Joe Biden.

Over this period, it is far from belief-based action, such as disagreeing with the electoral vote in any state. The same goes for setting up a new committee to “audit” election results, as Mr. Cruz’s group suggests. There have been nearly 60 proceedings filed by Mr. Trump and his allies, but according to the New York Times, “there is no single case in which fraudulent elections have been conclusively proven.” The court did not admit that the illegal vote resulted in the benefit of the opponent. On the contrary, these proceedings have even been dismissed by eight federal court judges appointed by Mr. Trump himself.

General votes were also recounted. In Georgia, the governor is the Republican Party and the state legislature is dominated by the Republican Party, but Mr. Biden won by nearly 12,000 votes. This result was confirmed by recounting three times (one of which was manual work). And just last week, at the behest of Mr. Trump, the state collated the signatures of the absentee ballot in Cobb County. Again, no evidence of fraud was found.

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Biden’s victory has also been confirmed in Wisconsin. This is the result of receiving the recount requested by Mr. Trump. Other so-called “states at issue” (which Senators and the next senators call them) include Biden, who won Trump by more than 154,000 votes. It may include Pennsylvania, where Biden has more than 80,000 votes, and Arizona, where Biden has won by nearly 11,000 votes while the Governor and Congress are Republicans.

Still, key members, including Mr. Cruz (who Trump called him “liar Ted” during the 2016 elections), want to believe in another outcome. They issued a statement on the 2nd that lined up lies and odd facts, desperately trying to justify such a blatant power struggle. Or at the very least, they’re trying to market themselves to Mr. Trump’s support base.

First, they claim that the 2020 presidential election was “covered with allegations of unprecedented fraudulent voting.” Of course, it is none other than Mr. Trump, who is trying to benefit from this coup, who makes these claims.

In any case, it is the courts that decide the allegations of election fraud, not the parties belonging to any particular political party. Cruz, a lawyer and Texas Litigation Secretary, is at least one of the groups that must know that. And, as he definitely knows, every Trump proceeding has failed.

Still, dissenters suggest that the misleading wording suggests that Mr. Trump has yet to be lucky in court. “Ideally, I wanted the court to listen to the testimony and resolve these allegations of serious election fraud. The Federal Supreme Court had the opportunity to do so twice. There was, but I refused it twice. “

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In fact, the court was considering the value of the allegations made by Mr. Trump and his allies. For example, Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, filed a proceeding himself and tried to overturn the results in Pennsylvania for Mr. Trump in a court in Pennsylvania. After losing the trial, a judge in the Court of Appeals appointed by Mr. Trump took the gist of his case and stated the following views. “Voters, not lawyers, choose the president. Ballots, not proceedings, determine the election.” He added, “A specific allegation and accompanying definitive evidence are needed to charge a crime.” Neither is available. “

The case in Arizona is also not mentioned in the statement. Republican chairman Kelly Ward of the state tried to file a lawsuit to overturn Biden’s victory. With permission, Mr. Ward re-examined over 3,000 postal slips with a paperwork expert. This is to prove his claim that there was fraud in the election.

Upon checking the signature on the postal slip, even the above experts admitted that there was no evidence of fraud. During the two-day trial, various witnesses summoned by Mr. Ward testified, but the judge concluded: “We haven’t been able to prove that Biden and Kamala Harris didn’t get the most votes in history,” Ward said. Ward then appealed to the state Supreme Court, but seven judges, all appointed by the Republican governor, unanimously acknowledged Biden’s victory.

There are still cases where Mr. Trump shatters the idea that he is just not lucky in court. It was a Wisconsin case, which was handled by a federal judge appointed by Mr. Trump. The judge said in a sentence that Mr. Trump’s request was “out of the ordinary.” “We are seeking help from federal court because the incumbent president was unable to re-election and are trying to destroy the results of the general vote,” he said. He concluded, “This court has given the plaintiff (Mr. Trump) the opportunity to make his case, and the plaintiff lost in the judgment.”

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Cruz’s statement concludes with a shocking sentence. “We all have to act together and be confident that the elections were legally held under the Constitution.” In reality, the election was legal. Countless proceedings, recounts and audits support this.

But for people like Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz, the facts don’t make sense. Power is everything to them, and they are willing to make any sacrifices. For Mr. Trump and his Republican allies, democracy is just an obstacle. At the end of the road it stands in, there is power that they enthusiastically want.

Dean Obederer is a former lawyer and is currently the host of the satellite radio “Sirius XM” and the columnist of the news site The Daily Beast. The content of the article is his personal opinion.


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