College football: This is how the NCAA competition format works

Michael Cruz

Mexico City / 09.01.2023 17:05:00

College football is for many fans, the most passionate sport, because here are not only the colors of your team, but also those of your University or alma mater, so each triumph is lived with greater intensity.

But what many fans have doubt is how the playoff competition format works and the American national championship at the university level in the United States, so here we will explain a little about how everything is determined, from its competition format, the playoffs and the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) national championship.

This is how the playoffs and the national championship work

Since 2014, American college football in the United States works with the competition system of the College Football Championship Game (also known as the National College Football Playoff Championship), in which four teams will play two semifinals in one of the most important bowls in the country to then play the national championship.

The Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Peach Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Sugar Bowl are the bowls in which they rotate to celebrate the semifinals, played on New Year’s Eve, while the National Title Game is held on a Monday nightat least a week after the end of the semifinals.

In that year, a committee of college presidents approved a plan for a four-team college football playoff, while in 2022, the College Football Playoff Board of Managers agreed to begin a 12-team CFP field starting in the 2024-25 season.

This is what you need to know about the postseason format drawn up by the commissioners of the 11 major conferences college football player and athletic director at the University of Notre Dame.

Alabama retakes the title and is crowned in the NCAA (AFP)

competition format

There are 13 members on the College Football Playoff selection committee (CFP). There are coaches, players, college administrators, athletic directors, and journalists. The current selection committee consists of Mitch Barnhart, Tom Burman, Boo Corrigan (Chairman), Rick George, Chet Gladchuk, Jim Grobe, Warde Manuel, Will Shields, Gene Taylor, Joe Taylor, John Urschel, Rod West, and Kelly Whiteside.

This committee meets weekly and ranks teams based on members’ evaluation of the performance of the teams in the fieldfeel conference championships won, schedule difficulty, head-to-head results, and comparison of results against common opponents the criteria for ranking teams in the top 25, as well as assigning teams to bowl games New Year’s Eve, not to generate problems of logistics or geography that are too complex, to generate more competitive matchups and try to avoid regular season rematches nor that some teams repeat in certain specific bowls.

According to its statutes, each team of the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) has the equal right to access the college football playoff based on their performance during the regular season, so no team automatically qualifies.

How does the voting process work?

According to the website of the CFP“each committee member will create a list of the 30 teams that the member considers to be the best in the country, in no particular order. Teams listed by three or more members will remain under consideration. At the end of any round, other teams may be added to the pool of teams under consideration by a vote of three or more members.

In short, once the regular season is over, the top four teams will qualify to the selected bowls as the semifinals, in order to seek the national championship. In 2022-2023, they were as follows:

#1 Georgia 42-41 #4 Ohio State Peach Bowl

#2 Michigan 45-51 #3 TCU | Fiesta Bowl

So this year, the TCU Horned Frogs (13-1) face the Georgia Bulldogs (14-0) in the College Football Playoff National Championship.


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