Colleville-Montgomery. Are the barriers on the cycle path suitable?

The cycle path between the village and the beach of Colleville-Montgomery, near Caen (Calvados) is part of the cyclo-pedestrian loops of the coast of Caen-la-Mer, currently being developed, linking together six municipalities: Colleville-Montgomery, Ouistreham, Bénouville, Saint-Aubin-d’Arquenay, Hermanville-sur-Mer and Lion-sur-Mer.

Work began in September 2022 and the laying of the asphalt was highly appreciated by regular users of this axis. I was really happy to be able to move around comfortably, either with my electric wheelchair or with my recumbent bike,” says Catherine Gautier, a resident of the town.

Baffle barriers

The recently laid wooden curbs, reinforced with metal in the winding parts, will be complemented by low plantings, grass and lavender style on some sections. Security and aesthetics seem satisfactory.

But last week, a twist: chicane barriers were installed to secure access to the fields, a dozen over a length of one kilometer, and the stage turned into an obstacle course. “I found myself blocked, my husband had to intervene to help me get through the device, he himself has trouble getting through with the dog’s cart and we haven’t tried it yet with our tandem! » Catherine laments.

Obviously, the barriers are too close together and too long. For a standard bike, the barriers break the speed, which can be understood, but their number has a discouraging side and encourages you to take the road. Catherine Guillouet, a resident of Hermanville, wanted to test with her cargo bike. “Fortunately, I didn’t take my grandchildren, maneuvering with the weight, it’s not easy, I can’t pass without encroaching on the roadside, and then I have to go straight down to lift the bike, impossible to turn! » relate-t-elle.

Corrections will be made

Jean Lanon, who goes to the village every day to get his bread from the sea with his tricycle, is luckier: “It’s really well secured for me and the wheels go through. Fortunately, because if I ride off-road, I lose my balance. It’s a little complicated, all this swaying. » Frédéric Loinard, the mayor, alerted, forwarded the remarks to the project manager of Caen-la-Mer. “The situation has been taken into consideration, the positioning of the barriers and their length will be corrected”, he assures.

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