Colleville-Montgomery. The Magiconteurs set an Irish tale to music

La Redoute is a detached fortification built at the end of the 18th century.e century of which only a part remains. In order to make discover these vestiges, the municipality organizes small shows there.

On Thursday, Pierre and Deborah, who form the Magiconteurs company duo, will perform an Irish tale entitled The log. The daughter of a lord, Blanche-Rose, disappears without anyone being able to find her, there is magic behind it! Fortunately, three brave brothers get involved…”,says Pierre, but we must not divulge the end of the story.

The tale is punctuated by Irish music, alternately melancholic, catchy or epic, interpreted at the Tin whistle, a six-hole flute used in the British Isles, and accompanied on the piano by Deborah. To immerse you even more in the magical atmosphere, the two actors have taken care of their costumes and their decor.

Thursday July 21, 6 p.m., from 6 years old, duration 40 minutes, La Redoute, Colleville Plage. Registration on 06 35 96 40 26.

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