Collision between interprovincial bus and car left several injured

> In a violent traffic accident on the Libertadores highway.

Luis Frank Tacuri


A new traffic accident occurred on the Los Libertadores road, where a bus from the transport company “Palomino” It violently collided with a Yaris model car, the occupants of which were seriously injured. The incident occurred early yesterday morning in the Arizona sector.

According to the latest information, one of the damaged vehicles had invaded the opposite lane, causing the inevitable collision on a tight curve, where similar incidents had previously occurred. Added to speeding.

Meanwhile, the bus passengers had the scare of their lives, but miraculously almost all of them were unharmed. It was learned that they left Lima in the direction of Ayacucho.

According to Sunarp registration, the silver metallic Toyota brand car, with registration number D8S-405, is owned by Emer Pariona Ventura with circulation in the city of Lima.

After the heavy impact, the front of the car was almost destroyed. In this a pregnant woman was moving, who would have lost the baby she was carrying in her womb.

The wounded were assisted by firefighters and personnel from the Arizona health post, to later be transferred to the emergency service of the Regional Hospital.

DATA: The case was brought to the attention of the Specialized Unit in Traffic Accidents of the National Police in order to continue with the corresponding investigations and thus determine under what circumstances the events occurred.


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