“Come See” by Jonas Trueba

Le synopsis

One winter night in Madrid, two couples of friends reunite after losing sight of each other.
Susana and Dani beam from their installation in the suburbs and announce the imminent arrival of a baby. The news disturbs Elena and Guillermo who have made other life choices.
Yet in the spring, they decide to come and see.

The review (3/5)

Noted in France for the very beautiful “Eva in August”, the young Spanish director Jonas Trueba continues his exploration of the “saudade” of the Iberian thirty-somethings with a spring film, bathed in lights and innuendo. Short – a little over an hour – both charming and slightly insignificant – it’s the interplay of these chronicles as if taken from life -, “Venez voir” confirms the filmmaker’s talent for capturing the melancholy that is born in the gaze of his muse, the sublime Itsaso Arana.

The teaser

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