Commercial Vehicles – Goodyear achieves breakthrough in tires for autonomous vehicles

Gatik autonomous truck with Goodyear Sightline tires. Photo: Authors’ Union Mobility/Goodyear

Goodyear has made a major breakthrough in the Sightline intelligent tire solution. Together with Gatik, a concept for autonomous transport was successfully tested for medium-distance logistics, which uses integrated sensors in the tires to determine real-time data for estimating the grip potential under current weather and road conditions. The data is transmitted to Gatik’s Automated Driving System (ADS).

Sightline is able to detect low-grip weather conditions such as snow or ice. This information is made available to Gatik’s autonomous fleet. This can improve vehicle safety and performance in adverse weather conditions. The technology was developed to provide data on tire wear, condition and adhesion in addition to the conventional functions of a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Combined with calculation models and real-time road weather data, this helps to enable quieter, safer and more sustainable driving. This is important information for autonomous vehicles in relation to route planning and recommendations for safe driving speeds, vehicle acceleration limits and vehicle following distances.

Gatik is a company that uses light and medium-duty trucks in autonomous medium-haul logistics. The Class 3-6 autonomous panel vans are used in B2B goods delivery in several US states, including Ontario, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. The company has offices in Toronto, Ontario and Mountain View, California. (awm)


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