MLB’s Rob Manfred Commissioner has informed all 30 teams on the 11th (12th Japan time) to prepare for this season’s spring camp and official games as scheduled. Reported in the national newspaper “USA Today”. However, it is highly possible that this notification is “tatemae” at the moment, not “real intention”.

This is because corona infections are still exploding in the United States, with more than 200,000 new infections a day as of the 10th. With more than 12,000 people in the campsite Florida and more than 6,000 in Arizona, it’s not easy to go out, even if it’s not unnecessary and urgent. As Yu Darvish of Padres posted on Twitter on the 7th (8th), “Spring training starts in a little over a month, but I feel that it is usually impossible”, there are many voices who are anxious.

This time, behind the notification of the top of the ball world, the bargaining with the players’ association can be seen and hidden. Owners desperate to cut costs due to the sharp decline in income since last season have proposed a plan to postpone the opening for at least one month. On the other hand, the players’ association, which sticks to the full payment of the annual salary, has not broken its stance of fighting thoroughly. In addition to this annual salary allocation problem, the gap between the two leagues is deep, including the DH system of both leagues adopted last season and the expansion of the postseason frame, and future negotiations are unlikely to be straightforward.

The light “jab” released by the commissioner took the lead. I don’t feel like the negotiations until the decision on the holding guidelines will be swamped again like last season.[MLB charge = Mamoru Shizuka]