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The agency will work together with the Temazcalli Institute for the application of up to 17,000 studies to public transport operators in the metropolitan area.

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The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) of the government of San Luis Potosí, announced that sSigned a collaboration agreement with the Temazcalli Institute, to reinforce the application of toxicological tests to personnel who work in the entity’s public transportation system.

Leonel Serrato Sánchez, head of the agency, stressed that With this agreement, the actions for the issuance or renewal of the license of public transport operators will be reinforcedto strengthen the safety and quality of this service, in addition to contributing to the restructuring of public transport in the metropolitan area.

The head of the SCT explained that, cAs a result of the agreement signed in 2022 between both institutions, 17,488 toxicological studies were carried out on 4,372 public transport operators in the metropolitan area. “This figure represents a quarter of the people who will be receiving care this year, something that had never been done in previous governments, which reflects the willingness of the operators to improve the service.”

Serrato Sánchez added that in order to comply with the comprehensive mobility strategy promoted by the state governor, actions have been taken to improve service in the four zones, and as a result it was obtained that during 2022, More than four thousand transport operators have taken one of the courses offered by the agency (Red Cross, Firefighters, Imes, Icat), which guarantees a better quality in the provision of the service that is offered to the citizenry.

René Contreras Flores, general director of the Temazcalli Institute, indicated that the unit has a toxicological analysis laboratory service, which allows those who are diagnosed with disorders due to the use of harmful substances to access guidance, prevention and rehabilitation mechanisms provided by the Institute.

“We are sure that the signing of this second collaboration agreement will reduce the number of positive cases for substances, as well as build strategies that benefit both operators and users,” he concluded.

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