Computer company in Arizona is already called Meta

Mhe thing about the universe is that there may still be a parallel universe. In the case of Facebook’s “Metaverse”, this could become a problem. After the company announced that it would sell its apps and services under the umbrella brand “Meta” from now on, a computer company of the same name from Arizona raised an objection. According to several media reports, “Meta PC”, which sells computers, laptops and software, among other things, applied for the rights to the “Meta” brand at the American patent office in August of this year. Facebook only made its application on October 28th.

One of the founders of Meta PC, Zack Shutt, told the Guardian newspaper that his company was unaware of Facebook’s plans. The American news portal Tmz quoted Shutt as saying that his company would sell the brand to Facebook for no less than $ 20 million. Shutt did not want to confirm this statement to Business Insider and Guardian. On Twitter, the company took the competition for the brand with humor and published a video, after which they wanted to change their name to Facebook.

Numerous conflicts are still waiting

The American Patent Office has not yet approved either of the two applications. According to trademark law experts, the matter is still clear in such a case. “The filing date is crucial,” says trademark attorney Oliveröffel. Even a small company could forbid Facebook to use the “Meta” brand if it had registered it earlier.

A company that is also active in the IT sector should be given special consideration because trademark law is primarily about reducing the risk of confusion. However, according to Löffel, companies like Facebook are prepared to buy off trademark rights. “There will probably still be numerous conflicts here.”

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The German company “M-Sense Migraine” could instigate one of them. Its logo – an intertwined M – is confusingly similar to the new one from Facebook. “We are honored,” tweeted the company after Facebook’s announcement with a wink. “Perhaps you will also be inspired by our data protection regulations.”


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