Concha Velasco cleared up all doubts about her health with a forceful image

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 6/12/2022 · 01:32 hs

What shell velasco occupy the front pages of the main media in Spain, it is no longer a novelty. It is that the renowned actress has been dominating the media environment for a long time, as a result of the various rumors that constantly arise about her state of health.

The native of Valladolid He has been residing for several months in a complex where his health is monitored 24 hours a day and he receives personalized care, something that his family, recently, could not do. However, as it is a figure as emblematic as that of shell velasco It is normal for any minimal situation, however small it may seem, to come to light.

shell velasco he trusts that his state of health will continue to improve (Instagram).

In fact, on November 29, the singer turned 83 and received a visit from her close circle, first of all, and many messages from personalities linked to her career. One of the most surprising was that of Alaska, who posted a photo of her on her Instagram account along with shell velasco and revealed the deep respect he has for the artist despite the fact that she is no longer involved in the sector.

The images of the singer were accompanied by a text where it was possible to perceive that, regardless of the years, shell velasco continues stronger than ever in the hearts of the entire country: “Great in all its facets, a marvel of culture and entertainment. I will never be grateful enough for giving me the go-ahead to take over as host of Cine de Barrio.”

shell velasco and Alaska, a friendship that lasts over time (Twitter).

Far from the malicious comments that arise as the days go by, the public respects him and, whenever they can, they remind him with signs of affection.

Concha Velasco: How is your state of health?

During the month of October, the information was released that shell velasco he had suffered a complication in terms of his health and had to remain with more intense care than the one he had already been receiving. This context, as was to be expected, alerted the entire family of the dancer and they made a difficult decision.

shell velasco posing next to his son Manuel, one of his great pillars (Instagram).

With the approval of the place where Velasco resides, her children restricted the visits of the artist’s friends and colleagues. This with the aim of being able to make her state of health improve. In addition, with said decision, what she seeks is to be able to convey greater peace of mind to Concha.

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