Confirmation of Biden’s election victory – “Trump’s Eleven” rehearse the uprising

The outgoing president’s most ardent supporters will try again on Wednesday in Congress to block Joe Biden’s inauguration.

He should know Donald Trump better: Senator Ted Cruz leads the eleven senators who refuse to recognize Joe Biden’s election victory.

Brynn Anderson (AP)

Usually what happens next Wednesday in Congress is a formality. The House of Representatives and the Senate meet, they count the votes of the electorate, and then the incumbent Vice President Mike Pence officially declares who has won the election. But nothing is normal in Donald Trump’s presidency, which is why this Wednesday is a political spectacle that is unparalleled in American history.

Eleven Republican Senators have announced that they will object to the count. Mind you, against a census that is not really a census, but a ritual: the result of the presidential election has long been determined. None of these eleven senators has produced any evidence that the election may not have been right.

The majority of Republicans do not participate

The procedure stipulates that there will be a two-hour debate in both chambers of the Congress if one member of the House of Representatives and one of the Senate objects to the certification of the results. In addition to the eleven senators led by Texan Ted Cruz, at least one MP, Mo Brooks of Alabama, will appeal.

After the debate, a vote is taken in both chambers, and only if both were to vote with a simple majority against the certification of the election results would the election result be in question. On the one hand, this is effectively ruled out because the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, and on the other hand, because the majority of Republicans do not participate in this political stunt.

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Action has no consequences

Trump, on the other hand, was full of praise for the eleven senators. “Our country will love her for it!” He wrote. In particular, Ted Cruz, who now leads the group of loyalists, might know that if Trump loses, he is basically claiming that something was wrong. When Cruz and Trump both ran to be Republican presidential candidates in 2016, Cruz managed to win an Iowa primary. Trump then claimed without any basis that Cruz stole his election.

At the time, Trump had also claimed that Cruz’s father had something to do with the assassination attempt on John F. Kennedy. He also insulted his wife Heidi. That didn’t stop Cruz from becoming one of Trump’s most ardent supporters, which is why he is considered the most pliable man on Capitol Hill alongside Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

The eleven Republican senators admitted in their announcement that their action would have no consequences. Still, they have chosen to bow to Donald Trump’s will one last time.

Published: January 3rd, 2021, 6:27 pm

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