Congratulations on the eve of March 8 sound in Podolsk: News: Politics and Society

A big festive concert dedicated to the most tender spring holiday took place in the concert hall of the administration. What did the head of the City District Nikolay Pestov and the Chairman of the Council of Deputies Dmitry Mashkov wish for the residents of Podolsk?

A wonderful waltz of flowers from the ballet “The Nutcracker” opens a festive concert dedicated to the most tender, warm and bright day of spring – March 8th. Today, in the auditorium of the city administration, only those who personify femininity, beauty, kindness and love – lovely ladies of different ages and professions.

Congratulations on the holiday on this day sound even from the lips of the most serious men of Podolsk. Informal wishes from the stage are presented by all heads of the district.

– Thank you for being there. And God forbid that always women’s day was for us a symbol of renewal, a good sign of the tenderness of mother’s hands, the comfort of the family hearth, your beauty and perfection. Optimism to you, good spring mood. May spring always reign in my soul. May God give you prosperity and happiness, happy holiday! – congratulated Nikolay Pestov, head of Podolsk.

– Only you give us meaning in life, give love, joy and the opportunity to feel like a real man. Any woman can change your mood at a glance. This is your magic and, I can say that our happiness, – He speaks Dmitry Mashkov, Chairman of the City Council of Deputies.

Not only men congratulate lovely ladies. From the stage, wonderful songs are performed by the soloist of the Moscow Regional Philharmonic Society Alina Yarova, the festive concert was continued by performances of the city’s creative teams.

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The mood of the fair half is at the highest level today.

– The mood is wonderful, springtime, despite the weather outside the window, it depends on our inner state. I wish to please myself in all ways, – is divided Olga Sukhareva.

– I want to congratulate all women, I want everyone to be happy, healthy and happy every day. There is an expression: “Happiness will never come if you don’t understand that he is here and now with us, – concludes Marina Chernogorova, chief physician of the Podolsk City Clinical Hospital No. 3, deputy of the City Council of Deputies.

We join in all the congratulations. We wish all girls, girls, women and grandmothers only good mood! Let all adversity pass you by, and every day will be full of reasons for joy!

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