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Dear fellow countrymen, residents of Zhytomyr region!

The year 2020, so difficult for each of us and for the whole of Ukraine, has gone down in history. He enriched us with invaluable life experience, tested our strength and made us stronger. We see it off with the hope that the New 2021 will be generous with good news in every family, for peace, prosperity and harmony in our state.

On behalf of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR THE LIFE of Zhytomyr region and on my own behalf, I ask you to accept sincere congratulations on the bright New Year and Christmas holidays! Let them become for you, as well as for your family and friends, messengers of the long-awaited renewal, the beginning of good changes, the implementation of all cherished plans and innermost hopes, the realization of new opportunities! May you and your families not leave good health, happiness and prosperity, enduring hope and optimism, mutual understanding and mutual respect, generous luck in life!

Let the pure Christmas lights sanctify every home, fill hearts with joy and peace, strengthen faith, hope and love, bless for new achievements!

I sincerely wish that New 2021 and Christmas will bring us and the state that long-awaited positive, which is so lacking today. Peace and God’s grace to every home, our dear Zhytomyr region and Ukraine!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

People’s Deputy Yury Pavlenko,

chairman of the Zhytomyr regional organization


Published: January 4, 2021


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