Congress certifies Joe Biden’s US presidential victory | U.S. Elections 2020

Shortly after the confirmation of his opponent’s victory, Donald Trump admitted in a statement that his presidency was coming to an end and that he promised an “orderly transition”.

<q data-attributes="{"lang":{"value":"fr","label":"Français"},"value":{"html":"Même si je suis en complet désaccord avec le résultat de l'élection, et les faits me soutiennent, il y aura une transition ordonnée le 20January “,” text “:” Even though I completely disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts support me, there will be an orderly transition on January 20 “}}” lang = “fr”>Even though I completely disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts support me, there will be an orderly transition on January 20, he wrote in a statement. This marks the end of one of the best early presidential terms and is just the beginning of our fight to make America great again., added the Republican.

In a traditional socio-political context, the counting of the votes of the Electoral College by Congress would have been a mere formality. It was without counting on the expected challenge from dozens of Republicans, but, above all, the irruption of pro-Trump demonstrators in the Capitol, which forced the suspension of the meeting for several hours.

In the middle of the evening on Wednesday, six hours after the outburst of the rioters, the elected officials were able to continue their work to confirm the victory of Joe Biden.

Elected officials from both Houses picked up where they left off, reviving debates on the certification of Arizona’s results.

Unsurprisingly, Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s attempt to challenge them ultimately failed in the Senate after the talks, garnering only six votes, including his own.

Before the vote, several elected officials took advantage of their speaking time to denounce the acts of the last few hours and come to the defense of democracy.

<q data-attributes="{"lang":{"value":"fr","label":"Français"},"value":{"html":"À ceux qui ont semé le chaos dans notre Capitole aujourd’hui: you did not win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins. And this is still the People’s House “,” text “:” To those who wreaked havoc on our Capitol today: you did not win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins. And this is still the People’s House “}}” lang = “fr”>To those who wreaked havoc on our Capitol today: you didn’t win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins. And this is still the People’s Housesaid at the outset Vice President Mike Pence, who, as Speaker of the Senate, leads the ceremonial session.

Let’s get back to work, he concluded, to applause.

His tone and the content of his remarks contrasted with those of President Donald Trump, who, a little earlier, in a video statement posted on social networks, softly called on his supporters to “go home”, saying he understood their pain. We love you, you are very special, he said.

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The United States of America will not be intimidated, said Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. We are not going to bow to anarchy. We will certify the winner of the 2020 election.

They tried to disrupt our democracy. They failed.

Mitch McConnell, Republican Majority Leader in the Senate

Democrats who spoke next linked the assault on Capitol Hill with rhetoric from the president, who refuses to concede victory despite the legitimate election of Joe Biden.

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer lamented that the temple of democracy [ait] been desecrated. Those who have committed these wrongdoings cannot be called protesters. No, they were rioters and insurgents, thugs and thugs, national terrorists, he said.

It will be a stain on our country that will not be so easily erased. [C’est] the final, terrible and indelible legacy of the 45th President of the United States. Without a doubt our worst.

Chuck Schumer, Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate

In the wake of a statement in which he criticized President Trump’s role in the day’s events, Mitt Romney, the only Republican senator to have voted in favor of his impeachment, did not mince his words, denouncing a insurrection caused by a selfish man with hurt pride.

After criticizing in his press release his colleagues who dispute the results, he sent them a message, stressing that the audit they are demanding will not convince pro-Trump supporters who are wrongly convinced of his victory.

The best way to respect angry voters is to tell them the truth. The truth is, Biden won and Trump lost.

Mitt Romney, Senator from Utah

” Enough is enough “

A staunch ally of President Trump during the four years of his tenure, Senator Lindsey Graham, who according to Georgia’s secretary of state even intervened to have votes cast in favor of the Democratic candidate rejected, has drawn a line , referring to the multiple legal remedies lost by the Trump camp and its allies.

Don’t count on me anymore. Enough is enough. [Joe Biden] is the rightful president of the United States. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were legally elected.

Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina

One of the initiators of the Republican sling, Senator John Hawley, condemned the violence of the day, but persisted in his approach. We need to investigate irregularities, fraud, he said. This is the place where these objections must be heard, debated and resolved.

Other Republican representatives and senators who had announced their intention to oppose the validation of certain results, including Kelly Loeffler and James Lankford, however indicated a change of course in light of the outbreak of rioters.

Debate in the House of Representatives ended at 11:15 p.m., about 45 minutes after that in the Senate, with the same outcome: a total of 303 representatives opposed the challenge to Arizona’s results, and 121 Republicans. approved it.

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Controlled by the Democrats, the House adopted in the wake of the pandemic stricter measures that lengthen the voting process, and its elected representatives are more numerous.

Arizona is only the third state on which elected officials from both Houses had to vote, but the very first to be challenged by elected Republicans.

We knew that the contestation of the electoral results by dozens of Republicans, including at least 13 senators, would delay the procedure initiated at 1 p.m. EST and make its course eventful. But the eruption of supporters of Donald Trump in the Capitol completely sowed chaos in this process, which led to the suspension of the meeting and the evacuation of the elected officials.

After the debate on the results in Arizona, the House of Representatives and the Senate rejected on the night of Wednesday to Thursday a challenge to the results of the presidential election in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, Vice President Mike Pence rejected a challenge to Nevada’s election results, presented by Rep. Mo Brooks, because it did not have the support of a single senator.

Republican attempts to challenge presidential results in Michigan and Georgia have also failed.

Trump warning to Pence

Donald Trump addressing his supporters Wednesday in Washington

Photo : Reuters / JIM BOURG

Over the past few days, President Trump has stepped up pressure on his number two to block Joe Biden’s victory, but experts believe the Constitution and electoral law do not give him that authority.

Mike Pence himself underlined this in a letter sent earlier to elected officials.

The oath I have taken to support and defend the Constitution prevents me from claiming the unilateral power to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not. My role as president is largely ceremonial, he wrote, adding, however, that elected officials had the right to challenge the results.

The one who faithfully served Donald Trump for four years drew a rebuff from his boss on Twitter.

Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our Constitution by giving states a chance to certify a set of verified facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate facts that were asked of them to certify before.

Donald Trump, outgoing President of the United States

The situation is delicate, even perilous for Mr. Pence, potential candidate for the Republican nomination in 2024, who does not want to alienate the fervent supporters of Donald Trump, considered essential to a victory.

Shortly before the start of the session, Donald Trump had addressed his supporters, serving as a warning to his number two.

Mike Pence, I hope you will fight for the good of our Constitution and our country. And if not, you will disappoint me. I’m telling you right now, I don’t hear good things, he had launched, signaling that he would “never” concede victory.

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According to sources on the Axios website, the official announcement of Joe Biden’s victory by Mike Pence would constitute, in Donald Trump’s eyes, the act of supreme betrayal.

While Mike Pence’s stance may have ramifications for his presidential ambitions, so do other Republicans, including those who challenge the validity of the presidential election in certain key states.

This is the case with other potential presidential candidates, like Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who several commentators say are acting as they do to stay in the good graces of President Trump’s constituency.

This is all the more notable for Senator Cruz, the unsuccessful candidate for the 2015-2016 Republican nomination and who, during the Republican convention, called on activists to vote according to [leur] conscience rather than rally to the one who had defeated him.

A process quickly interrupted

Before the intrusion of pro-Trump supporters, it was already expected that the process would stretch for several hours due to dissent within the Republican camp. In the opinion of experts, the confirmation of the victory of Joe Biden, however, leaves little doubt.

The session was first interrupted after ten minutes. As expected, it was not until the third state, Arizona, that objections were expressed.

The certified results must be counted one state after another. They must be presented in alphabetical order by states to elected members of the Senate and the House of Representatives from both parties, who must read them aloud and record them.

Usually, each objection, if presented in writing and supported by at least one elected member of each House, must be followed by a two-hour debate in each of the two Houses.

During the Arizona debate, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was relegated to the minority in the aftermath of Georgia’s senatorial election the day before, voiced his opposition to the move, speaking of the most important vote in 36 years of career.

Voters, courts and states have all spoken – they have all spoken. If we reverse their decision, it would forever damage our republic.

Mitch McConnell, Republican Majority Leader in the Senate

President Trump claims the election was stolen. The assertions range from allegations [d’irrégularités électorales] locales […] to broad conspiracy theories, he said. Courts have repeatedly rejected these claims, he said, warning against a death spiral of American democracy.

He himself had been criticized for his very late recognition of Joe Biden’s victory.

At the origin of the contesting of the results of Arizona, Ted Cruz had for his part called the elected officials to study the facts in an objective way.

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