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Washington (dts news agency) – The US Congress has confirmed the election of Joe Biden in the presidential election. The certification of the election results, led by the incumbent US Vice President Mike Pence, was completed early Thursday morning (local time) after an interruption of several hours. Appeals by Republican Congressmen against the votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania were rejected in both houses.

Republicans from the House of Representatives and the Senate had already announced in advance that they would object to the results of the contested US states. In doing so, they also opposed the demand of the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, not to appeal and to accept Donald Trump’s defeat. McConnell had condemned allegations of election fraud, saying it would “permanently damage the republic.” At the same time, after a speech by the outgoing US president, several Trump supporters stormed the Capitol and made it into a boardroom. The MPs had previously been brought to safety. Meanwhile, there have been reports that Washington is considering an impeachment of Trump under the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution following Wednesday’s events.

Photo: Joe Biden, via dts news agency

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