Connecticut Coach Fired After Incident With Athlete On Ice – NBC New England

A Connecticut coach allegedly threw a Massachusetts player to the ice with seconds remaining in a hockey game between Connecticut’s South Windsor and Massachusetts’ St. Nicks.

The incident was recorded on a video that was posted on facebook by Tama Parsons, head coach of the St. Nicks.

“The trainer grabbed him by the back of his jersey and his shoulder pads and pulled him to the ground, like he was a horse’s collar,” Parsons said. “You have to win with class and you have to lose with class and I think that’s a lost thing.”

The teams were participating in a youth hockey tournament called the Winter Classic at the Tri-Town Ice Arena in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

In a statement, the Connecticut team apologized, writing that the behavior “is not indicative of our organization and what we strive to be…the coach was fired and banned from coaching at any and all events.” of the South Windsor Junior Hockey Association”.

“He must not be allowed to return to coaching, and he must not be allowed to participate in any youth hockey program,” Parsons said.

The teen’s family is considering filing charges.

“He could have had a concussion,” said Tina Ackerman, the mother of the 14-year-old boy who was swept onto the ice. “He was really pulled from behind, that’s like a punch to a child, from an adult to a child. I think it’s very, very low.”

A call to the Connecticut coach for comment was not immediately returned.

“The fact that this man assaulted him, intimidated him, is very, very revealing and disappointing,” Ackerman said.

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