Connecticut court allows trans athletes to compete in women’s tournaments

New York, Dec 16 A Connecticut court ruled today in favor of transgender athletes competing on women’s teams, and the ruling appears to settle a recurring debate in recent years about the alleged comparative advantage of transgender athletes over women.

A panel of three judges from Connecticut (northeast United States) established that discriminating against transgender athletes is a violation of Title IX, which prohibits educational institutions that receive federal funds from establishing any discrimination based on sex, according to the portal today. local wivb4.

The ruling is in response to a complaint made in 2020 by four female college athletes, who complained that recruiting transgender athletes was resulting in transgender athletes winning the majority of female competitions, to the detriment of “cisgender” athletes. (with sex corresponding to its original body).

The complainants were represented by a conservative association called the Alliance Defending Freedom, which specifically called for two trans athletes to be excluded from the 2020 competitions.

The case remained deadlocked with the pandemic and the momentary suspension of tournaments, but was later resumed until today, when the judges considered it proven that even the complainants had won some tournaments in competition with trans athletes, and therefore that same “the complainants have not been deprived of any opportunity to win championships.” EFE


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