Connecticut woman feels like she should go to a particular store to buy a lottery ticket and wins $30,000

The winner told lottery officials that she intends to share the winnings with her family.

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A lottery player followed her sixth sense and ended up winning a lottery jackpot. The woman, named Rose LaPadula, from the city of Middletown, in the state of Connecticut, he always bought lottery tickets in the same store, but one day he decided to go to another.

LaPadula always went to the Petro Plus gas station at 339 S. Main Street in Middletown, according to the Connecticut Lottery.

After buying his lottery tickets there, he decided to go to another one to buy more, even though he already had the ones he always plays.

It was just a feeling I had, going to that particular store.”said.

Luckily, LaPadula listened to his intuition because, while scratching off his ticket for the ’30X Cash’ game (now in its ninth edition), he realized that he had a winning ticket worth no less than $30,000 dollars.

When you go to collect your prize, LaPadula told lottery officials that he intends to share the winnings with his family..

The odds of winning a prize of any amount in the ’30X Cash’ game are 1 in 3.53.

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