Considers health more important than love and marries about 30 (and the second time after 41) – portrait of a Belarusian according to Belstat

On the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day, the National Statistical Committee published a study reflecting the priorities of Belarusian men.

According to the 2019 census, the number of men was 4.35 million, or 46.2% of the total number of citizens of the country. transfers Interfax-West.

Most of the stronger sex lives in Minsk (21.2%) and the Minsk region (almost 16% of all male Belarusians). The average age of men in Belarus is 38 years.

The representatives of the stronger sex decide on their first marriage at the age of 28, but they remarry at the age of 41.5.

“According to the census, there were 224 men against 270 women per 1000 men aged 10 years and older with higher education, and 270 against 301 women with a secondary special education. On the other hand, there were 152 men with vocational education against 89 women, ”the Belstat study also says.

The employment rate of men of working age was 80.4%, and the average age of employed men was 42 years.

“In 2020, almost every fourth man employed in the country’s economy was between the ages of 16-30,” the statistics committee said.

They also named predominantly “male” activities. Among them are construction, transport, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, industry, information and communications.

According to a 2020 sample of households by living standards, more than half of men (59%) aged 16 and older prefer to relax by watching TV, watching videos and listening to music.

44% of Belarusian men choose to communicate with friends in their free time, 38% do not mind surfing the Internet, 32% prefer physical labor on their personal plot, the same amount – walking. But only 11% of Belarusians are ready to devote their free time to sports and hobbies.

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The men were also asked to rate their life priorities on a 10-point scale. Health took the first place (8.5 points), followed by understanding in the family (8.1 points), and the third is material wealth (6.9 points). In addition, the top five priorities included life without conflict (6 points) and love (5.9 points).


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