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The so-called Title 42 rule was introduced in 2020 under former US President Donald Trump and was due to expire last week. With reference to the corona pandemic, it enables migrants apprehended at the US border with Mexico to be turned away immediately. In a petition to the Supreme Court, 19 US states said they would face a flood of migrants if Title 42 were lifted.

The Supreme Court granted the states’ motion by a majority of five to four judges. The court decided that the regulation will remain in force pending a landmark ruling. Negotiations on this are scheduled to begin in February.

Human rights organizations sharply criticize the regulation

In the past few days and weeks, a particularly large number of migrants from Latin and Central America had come to the southern border of the USA, apparently because they expected the Title 42 regulation to be abolished and thus easier entry conditions. The mayor of the border city of El Paso declared a state of emergency in view of the large number of people. The US government stressed that it was prepared for the elimination of Title 42.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already been deported on the southern border of the USA on the basis of the regulation. Human rights organizations have long criticized the regulation. They argue that people are being deprived of the right to apply for asylum under a health policy pretext.

Biden government long inactive

Trump’s successor, Joe Biden, did nothing to abolish the regulation until spring 2022. A first attempt failed in May when a federal judge in the southern state of Louisiana vetoed a lawsuit by conservative states. The 19 states then filed an urgent appeal with the Supreme Court against the decision of a federal judge in the capital Washington in November that the regulation must end on Wednesday before Christmas.

Refugee and migration policy is a highly charged political issue in the United States. Trump’s Republicans accuse Biden and his Democrats of letting people into the country uncontrolled and thus harming the United States.

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