Controversy at Bronny’s game, LeBron and Savannah annoyed!

Increasingly prominent in the ranks of Sierra Canyon, Bronny James was again on the floor this Friday to face Crespi. A meeting during which he signed a controversial sequence, angering his parents!

Before flying to Massachusetts, where they will face Columbus in the HoopHall Classic, it was a short trip that awaited the Trailblazers this Friday. Opposed to the neighboring high school of Crespi, Sierra Canyon and Bronny James advanced as the big favorites of this “derby” of Los Angeles. Derby that they dominated head and shoulders (64-47), and during which they were able to put on a show.

Bronny James martyrs the circle… and has him punished

Currently in his last season on the high school circuit, Bronny knows he has to make an impression. Not only by displaying his full panoply of players, but also by signing big highlights. So, having already let go a mind-blowing dunk that turned LeBron upside down a few days ago, the young fullback did it again in the last few hours with a thunderous alley-oop… but the referees didn’t like it at all!

Guilty of hitting the backboard with his right hand, Bronny was immediately given a technical foul, sparking disbelief from his team’s bench. LeBron and Savannah, located just behind the basket, were also shocked by this whistle. A reaction that some Internet users did not share, much more severe and intransigent towards the top NBA prospect:

I don’t know why everyone is surprised at SC camps. First, you are not allowed to hang on to the circle or pull it up. Second, you are not allowed to tap the board except in an action on or near the ball. Finally, I would have also given a technique to Isaiah (Elohim) because he kept sweeping with his hand. These kids think they’re in the NBA 🤦🏾 ♂️

Unleashed, Bronny James was therefore penalized by a technical fault which goes badly with LeBron and Savannah. This action, just like his 4 small points scored (2/7 in shooting)did not play a big role in this easy victory for his family.

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