“Coregasm”: This is how you get to the climax during sports

“Coregasm”: Climaxing in sports – is that possible?

have at first sight Sport and The orgasm not really anything to do with each other. But there is one big difference: While we often go to the Work-out first have to overcome is a Climax of course something more than great, to which we do not say no. But what if we told you that both can also go hand in hand? Sure, at first glance it might sound rather absurd and it’s also quite difficult to imagine. How is that supposed to work? If you believe the constantly increasing videos on TikTok about the exciting topic “Coregasm”, it is definitely possible to have an orgasm while exercising. Here you can find out how this is supposed to work and what a study says about this phenomenon.

“Coregasm”: When the workout is suddenly crowned by an unexpected climax

First the hard facts: up TikTok more and more videos are circulating from users who are talking about their flights of fancy in the gym or at Home-Work-out to report. “Coregasm” is the name of the whole thing and describes an orgasm that you get while training abs or des pelvic floor can experience. These TikToks show which exercises can be used to achieve this feeling. Most report that they came unexpectedly during an abdominal exercise. Some people are so enthusiastic that they design their training specifically to get a “coregasm”.

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In fact, this question was explored as part of a 2012 study by Indiana University. The result: the “Coregasm” really exists. A large number of the participating women stated that they had done sports in the past orgasm to have gotten. As the name suggests, this can be the case when training the “core”, i.e. the torso. But that can also be the case with others sports like for example Yoga happen. In this case, the unusual climax is called “yogasm”.

“Coregasm”: Why can abdominal exercises make me climax?

But how can this phenomenon be explained physiologically? It’s simple: You don’t necessarily need sex to have an orgasm Lust. If certain muscles in your body – in this case especially the pelvic floor muscles – are activated and extremely tense, often in conjunction with the abdominal muscles, the region is supplied with more blood, and the probability of experiencing a “coregasm” is quite high. It also helps if you mentally focus on that feeling in your pelvis and keep moving.

Of course not everyone wants that. Many also report how they were completely surprised by the orgasm, for example in the gym, and didn’t see it coming at all. Everyone experiences a climax differently and may prefer not to experience it in public. To prevent this, it helps to keep your thoughts elsewhere and not to concentrate too much on the movement of the muscles.

“Coregasm”: These special tips can help you to unexpected ecstasies during training

Maybe you’ve gotten a little curious and would like to try it out for yourself. It is important for this to go in and out deeply exhale and warm up well before training. In order to induce a coregasm, your muscles must already be a little tight and tired, so a good workout is a must. After that, there are a few specific exercises that will increase your chances of reaching a climax. Most swear by the so-called Captains Chair (also seen in the TikTok shown above), i.e. the exercise in which you float slightly elevated in the air, your forearms propped up, your lower body hanging down. You lead your legs again and again, either straight or bent at the knees, up in front of you at a 90-degree angle. Try to get in as many reps and sets as you can, and you might get lucky. You think you’re out of power? Then hold on for five more seconds! Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy a real “coregasm” and suddenly have a whole new motivation to go to the gym regularly.

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