Corona: Relaxation according to the world medical president irresponsible

The number of infections is currently rising again in Germany – both the 7-day incidence and the reproductive value. The reproduction value shows how many other people an infected person infects on average. With the increase in the so-called R value, the number of new infections also increases.

Montgomery: Further easing “absolutely irresponsible”

The world medical president Frank Ulrich Montgomery has now warned the newspapers of the Funke Group against further easing. He considers this to be “absolutely irresponsible” due to the increasing R-value. According to Montgomery, any further easing will result in “a significant increase in the numbers”. The President of the World Medical Association explains that the coronavirus has reached a new level with the mutation and is not only more contagious, but also likely to lead to more severe disease processes.

Montgomery calls for faster vaccination

Given the current situation, Montgomery is encouraging faster vaccination of the population. He believes that vaccine doses that would not be retrieved in the first priority group should be vaccinated immediately in the second group. He warns: “We must not follow the vaccination sequence slavishly here.”


Video: Spahn rejects the Corona easing plan

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn also refuses to make further easing dependent on a set date. First of all, he wants to observe the spread of the virus mutation.


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