Corona vaccine effect, reduced over time Need additional vaccination = British Advisory Board | Reuters

On July 30, the UK Government’s Emergency Science Advisory Board (SAGE) said the new coronavirus vaccine would likely diminish over time and would need to be given continuously for many years. Showed the view of. The photo was taken on March 5 (2021 Reuters / Willy Kurniawan)

[London, 30th Reuters]–The UK Government’s Emergency Science Advisory Board (SAGE) says the new coronavirus vaccine is likely to diminish over time and needs to be given continuously over the years. He expressed the view that there is.

SAGE has created a document entitled “Duration of Vaccine Effect Against Coronavirus Disease”. Written by researchers specializing in viruses and infectious diseases at Imperial College London, University of Birmingham, and the United Kingdom Public Health Service (PHE).

“The vaccine is likely to give immunity to the new coronavirus and reduce its severity, but (the effect) diminishes over time,” the researchers said. “For this reason, vaccination for many years. May have to continue. ” However, the optimal inoculation frequency is unknown at this time.

Researchers point out that this view is supported in Israel, which started vaccination of the public relatively early. In order to stop the spread of the highly infectious new corona delta mutant, Israel will start booster vaccination (additional vaccination) of Pfizer Biontech vaccine to citizens over 60 years old.


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