Corona vaccine from BioNTech: Extreme side effect of vaccination – these people are affected

Mainz – Since December, people in Great Britain and the USA have been vaccinated against the coronavirus with the mRNA vaccine from BioNTech. Now the founder comments on serious side effects:

  • The coronavirus is largely uncontrolled worldwide.
  • The Mainz company BioNTech has a very promising one vaccine versus Sars-CoV-2 developed.
  • What about the Side effects of mRNA-Vakzins so far known:

Update from December 22nd: One day after the BioNTech vaccine in Europe is approved, the founder of the company reports, Uğur Şahin, in the Bild newspaper. There the 55-year-old goes to the side effects of the vaccine “Comirnaty“That it will probably also be allowed to administer in Germany from December 27th.

Corona vaccine from BioNTech: Founder does not expect any surprises with side effects

In general, it has to be said that the vast majority of vaccine side effects occur in the first four to six weeks after vaccination and then rapidly decrease in frequency. Accordingly, I don’t expect any surprises with our vaccine“, Explains Şahin. But one can never rule out whether it is not Long term side effects could give – even if the probability is rather low. Will be within the next two years BioNTech therefore still collect tolerance data.

Uğur Şahin also refers to the in the interview severe allergic reactions one that some people in the US and UK have already suffered. But that is not uncommon for such vaccines and currently occurs in a range of 1: 50,000.

Corona vaccine from BioNTech: More and more side effects are known

Update from December 17th: After the UK are now also in the USA shortly after the vaccination with the mRNA-Vakzin of the Mainz company BioNTech and the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer first severe allergic reactions occurred. The “New York Times” reports on it. According to this, two employees at a hospital in Juneau, Alaska, received one a few minutes after being vaccinated anaphylactic reaction.

One of the two employees, a middle-aged woman, had previously no allergies. Formed around ten minutes after vaccination a rash on the face and upper body, the woman complained about shortness of breath and Racing heart. She became like at severe allergic reactions usual with Epinephrin treated. The symptoms initially subsided and then came back. She was then hung on an epinephrine drip overnight, treated with steroids and monitored in an intensive care unit. She spent two days in the hospital. She’s fine now.

BioNTech vaccine: Allergic reaction shortly after injection

A second medical employee at Bartlett Regional Hospital also developed the. Minutes after the injection BioNTech vaccine a reaction. Symptoms were puffy eyes, Dizziness and Scratches. In addition to epinephrine, symptoms were treated with the antihistamines Pepcid and Benadryl. According to the hospital, it was not anaphylaxis. One hour after the treatment, the employee was fine again.

According to the NY Times, both employees affirmed that their experiences should not have a negative impact on the vaccination process. Alaska wants to stick to its vaccination schedule. The cases in Alaska could ensure that corona vaccination guidelines are tightened. For example, it should be ensured that Monitor patients for possible adverse reactions 15 minutes after vaccination in order to be able to intervene quickly in the event of an allergic reaction.

Corona vaccine from BioNTech: Authorities warn allergy sufferers against vaccine

First report from December 11th: Margaret Keenan will be the first on Tuesday (December 8th), the new one mRNA vaccine of BioNTech and Pfizer is injected after its approval in Great Britain. The 90-year-old gets the promising vaccine against that Coronavirus administered at Coventry University Hospital. A short prick in the upper arm, a few seconds later it’s done. “If I can do it, so can you all“, Says Keenan afterwards.

It is the prelude to Mass vaccination im United Kingdom. The competent authority had issued an emergency license. 800,000 vaccination doses are in Great Britain available for the time being. To the Effectiveness of the vaccine, which according to initial clinical studies at well over 90 percent to ensure everyone has to be vaccinated a second dose after three weeks of the vaccine received. How long the vaccination protection will last is currently unclear. Meanwhile also have Canada, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain green light for that BioNTech vaccine given.

Corona vaccine from BioNTech: Europe and Germany are waiting for approval

Also in the USA and the I BioNTech / Pfizer have one Emergency approval applied for. While a panel of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA on Thursday (December 10th) the admission of the Corona vaccine BNT162b2 recommended, Europe is still waiting for the ruling from the Medicines Agency EMA. EMA director Emer Cooke affirmed after a hacker attack on the EMA and BioNTech, in which strangers “some documents“Tapped That delivery of the vaccine not endangered be.

Companies BioNTech SE
founding year 2008
Headquarters Mainz
CEO Uğur Şahin

In Germany one has been preparing feverishly for mass vaccinations for several weeks. Develop in the federal states Vaccination centers, in which people can be immunized against corona. Until December 15th in Baden-Wuerttemberg nine “central vaccination centers” are available, which will be supported by 50 district vaccination centers from mid-January. It is now becoming clear that BioNTech and Pfizer will not deliver the vaccine before Christmas as originally planned. First of all, the EMA wants to on December 29th a decision about the Admission of the mRNA vaccine. Now it looks like approval could come before Christmas. In a TV interview, EMA boss Cooke said of the test results of the clinical studies “more and more convinced“.

Corona vaccine from BioNTech: What side effects are known

The clinical studies not only showed that that BioNTech vaccine with a 95 percent effectiveness Exceeds expectations in subjects under 65 years of age. The effectiveness of the Corona vaccine BNT162b2 are still at 94 percent. According to information from BioNTech and Pfizer, the studies also only include mild to moderate side effects occurred. So it can be at the puncture site too Redness, Swelling or slight pain come. 3.8 percent of the subjects felt it fatigue and exhaustion, two percent complained of headaches. Side effects were also found less frequently in older study participants than in younger ones. The package insert provides information about the ingredients of the vaccine.

About the Long-term consequences of the new mRNA vaccine there are currently no reliable findings. Pfizer and BioNTech will monitor the study participants for another two years and report any side effects to the authorities. The criticism of vaccine opponents that the mRNA vaccine changes the genome is unfounded. With the Messenger (m) a artificial messenger substance injected into the body. This swims to the cell organelles and triggers them, to produce certain proteins. These resemble Share the Coronavirus and get the body to do one Build immune response. So the body can react immediately if someone comes into contact with the virus.

Corona vaccine from BioNTech: side effects – authority warns of allergic reactions

After the first vaccinations in Great Britain, there are now more, definitely more serious side effects known. The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) advises well people who at Allergies suffer from drugs, food or vaccines, from vaccination with the BioNTech vaccine. The background: Two employees of the national health service NHS suffered a shortly after vaccination anaphylactic reaction. This can include a rash, shortness of breath, and sometimes a sudden drop in blood pressure. As reported by the BBC, both sufferers severe allergies and carry adrenaline injections with them to counteract possible reactions. After a short treatment go it to the two victims again gut.

In the documents the American FDA there is another possible side effect: So it is with four patients the vaccine group on cases of Bell’s palsy (Bell’s palsy) whose symptoms include the unilateral paresis of the facial muscles may include. The paralysis usually subsides within a few weeks. Bell’s palsy did not occur in the placebo group. One According to the FDA, however, there is no conclusion about a connection with the vaccination. Annually, 7 to 40 people per 100,000 inhabitants develop Bell’s palsy, so the incidence in the study is in the statistically expected range. (rmx)

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