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Spahn promises vaccinations for everyone by summer

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn renews his announcement that he will be able to offer everyone in Germany a vaccination by the summer. The situation with vaccinations will improve, says Spahn in a government statement in the Bundestag. “Of course the biggest vaccination campaign in history is jerky.” But it is built a structure “that can and will start up”. The main thing now is the willingness of the population to vaccinate “if we want to defeat the virus”.

Spahn appealed to people to get vaccinated against the corona virus. “We can only really defeat the virus if most citizens are ready to be vaccinated throughout the year”he said in the Bundestag on Wednesday. The vaccination brings “light at the end of the tunnel,” stressed Spahn. “We are now on the way out of the pandemic.”

In a government statement, Spahn spoke of a “time of contrasts” in which the country is currently located. Because Germany is currently experiencing one of the most difficult phases of the pandemic. “We have to reduce the number of infections and deaths that are still too high,” he warned.

According to Spahns were in Germany so far more than 750,000 people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. He thanked everyone involved in the “largest vaccination campaign” in the history of the country. “We’ll roll up our sleeves together so that this pandemic will lose its horror.”

Spahn again defended the European approach to the procurement of vaccines. “Yes, it is right that we act European,” he said. Europe should not only be conjured up “in Sunday speeches”. (Reuters / AFP)

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