Coronavirus: Famous Non-Deniers Who Doubt Vaccines

  • The singer Rafa Sánchez (La Unión): “I don’t have all of them with me with the vaccine, I have suspicions like everyone else”

  • It is an intermediate position, between deniers and affirmationists, who see science as an open debate

  • Alaska or Javier Cansado also question the official speeches

Rafa sanchez, former singer of The Union, it is the last famously speaking about the pandemic and vaccines. Asked about it in a interview for LOC, within the framework of his new single, Dress up princess, the artist has confessed that Has doubts.

“I don’t have them all with me with the vaccine. I find something suspicious because from zero moment a vaccine was sought instead of a treatment. Knowing that Pharmaceuticals are one of the big businesses along with weapons and drugs, the truth is that I already start to see some ghosts“he mused.

In your opinion, “It is not entirely proven that this vaccine is not going to have side effects in the medium term. I have many suspicions but I think everyone has them. There has never been more disinformation that now, “he said.

“I am not a denier, I am a doubter”

Considering that we live in a media world of “black or white”, “left or right”, “either you are with me or against me”, it is not surprising that the media are already beginning to label Rafa Sánchez a “denier”, putting him in the same bag as Miguel Bosé or Victoria Abril.

But the truth is that the former vocalist of La Unión represents a intermediate posture he’s starting to raise his voice. Neither “negationist” nor “affirmationist”. Rafa Sánchez is a “doubtingist”, a term that is beginning to be used for those people who They don’t think Bill Gates wants to implant a chip in us, that the “bug does not exist” -as Bosé said-, or that 5G is going to kill us.

But neither do they take it for granted that everything is being done well or do they believe the official discourses of “science” at face value., understanding that science it is not a religious faith, but an open debate, also for the scientists themselves, based on Cartesian doubt.

Science is wrong too

The differences between the official position of rulers or scientific experts and that of society they have always existed. And they evolve. In the field of nutrition, the discussion at the moment is quite remarkable. Until recently the defenders of intermittent fasting they were branded as frivolous and irresponsible, for example, and now their health benefits are beginning to be demonstrated.

The most paradoxical and emblematic case that “science is also wrong” is what happened more than two thousand years ago. Aristotle proved that the Earth is spherical, contrary to all official theses, and Eratosthenes measured its circumference. However, there are still a few flat Earthers who are determined to demonstrate their flatness. The first is an example of question an official thesis, and the second, of denial of evidence.

Difference Between Denialism and Doubtism

No one doubts that deniers do a lot of damage with superstitions that deny scientific evidence, such as the magnitude of the pandemic or its origin in a laboratory, already ruled out.

Scientists with vaccine trialsGETTY

The denial of the coronavirus must be denounced and denied. But the “affirmationists”, those who they do not admit the slightest question or skepticism about the effectiveness of political and health efforts in the world, they are also beginning to be in the spotlight due to their naivety and tendency to restrict the freedom of expression of those who only raise some realities also recognized by the scientists themselves.

For example, that vaccines are not a panacea, nor are they exempt from certain risks, “but they are the lesser evil that humanity has. in these moments to fight against diseases, and about this, there is no discussion “, several experts have been heard these days to contradict those who encourage not to be vaccinated.

Javier Cansado: “Not everything is empirical science”

In this third position of the “dudacionismo” many celebrities have recently positioned themselves. The comedian Javier Tired, for example, he raised it recently in his Movistar program, Illustrious ignorant.

“I understand that there may be a kind of empirical science, about which there is no discussion, but there are also many fields that are still being studied, and that what we say today may be the opposite tomorrow, if the scientists also show it, “said the member of Faemino y Cansado, always very aware of all the discoveries in the field of science, medicine and nutrition.

More than half of the Spanish are “doubters”

Half of the Spanish population is “doubtful”, according to the latest study by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) on the effects and consequences of the coronavirus. 52% of society has doubts or does not believe that Covid-19 vaccines It will allow you to return to the normality you lived before the pandemic, and up to 22% say they do not trust the vaccine, in the speed with which it has been manufactured and doubt its effectiveness. 30% think they have to spend time for normality and to see the effects of Covid-19 vaccines.

Alaska: “If I hadn’t questioned the official speeches, I wouldn’t be who I am”

Last November, Alaska was surprised when David Broncano asked him about the controversial opinions of Miguel Bosé, and replied that she was also “of some conspiracy theories”.

The singer and current presenter of Neighborhood Cinema made it clear that all her life she was a “doubter”, arguing that “sometimes” you have to question the official versions. “If I had been in the official speech, I would never have been what I am”, said in allusion to the transgressive character that has marked his life and career. And asked that let Bosé “say what he wants”. “Have we not understood yet in the 21st century that everyone can do and say what they want?”, I ask.

The artist made clear her intermediate position, denialist or doubter only of some theories. “I share many conspiracy theories, which is not to say all. I am very interested in dissenting points of view “He said without specifying what specific thesis on the coronavirus and vaccines gave him credibility. And it was also declared “super fan” of Iker Jiménez, the presenter of Mediaset, currently very focused on informing about the management of the coronavirus.

Massiel, denier and doubter

Singer Massiel visited Deluxe last September, where he said that the vaccine makes him distrust: “I’m not going to put it in as soon as it starts. I have no faith in the immediate vaccine.” He thus joined a long list of celebrities (Toni Braxton, Robert de Niro, Lisa Bonet, Miranda Makaroff, Alicia Silverstone, Rob Schneider, Jim Carrey or Novak Djokovic) who have also questioned the effectiveness of vaccines.

Fortunately, there are many other familiar faces, such as Anthony Hopkins, Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton o Carole King, who are setting an example showing how they get vaccinated.

Massiel, in 'Deluxe'

Massiel, in ‘Deluxe’Telecinco

Massiel’s statements created a certain stir, also because he said that “this is about a third world war to take control of the pharmaceutical companies” and that she was sure “that it is a laboratory virus”, something that is already refuted by most of the scientific community.

Famous clearly “deniers”

In front of those who express their long-term doubts, or defend freedom of expression, there are also the clearly “deniers” or propagators of hoaxes or fake news, like when Donald Trump suggested injecting disinfectant and light Covid-19 patients to kill the virus.

The designer Pelayo Diaz said to be according to Bosé’s claims about 5G, thinking that they are not so “crazy”. He further stated that “we already have that chip it’s been a long time and we don’t know. ”

The photographer Ouka Leele, like Bosé, was shown against masks stating that “love is the best mask”.

The influence 21-year-old Marina Yers, caused a lot of controversy when questioned the existence of the coronavirus and defended not wearing a mask: “What influences you that I don’t wear it? It influences me, I get infected, It’s my fucking problem, okay? “

Outside of Spain, the singer Madonna was censored on Instagram for spreading fake news about the pandemic in a video that defended the hydroxychloroquine and stated that there was already a vaccine when there was none.


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