Corpse friend in England: man leaves woman rotten in apartment – arrested

A man was arrested in England for decaying a woman’s body in his apartment instead of having her buried.
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A man has been arrested in England on suspicion of having a lawful burial Corpse that was found in his apartment. The British “The Sun” reported on Sunday.

The smell of decay attracted flies – neighbors called the police

The neighbors alerted the police after discovering flies on the curtains of a house. Officials found the body of the woman believed to be over 90 years old and arrested a 50-year-old man in Handsworth, Birmingham. The decaying corpse was believed to be the man’s mother.

Man faces life imprisonment

Denying a deceased person a proper burial is a criminal offense under the law. The rare offense is actually a common law offense that can be punished with up to life imprisonment or an unlimited fine.

Neighbor hadn’t seen old woman for three months

The deceased’s 47-year-old neighbor, Mohammed Khan, said: “She was a very kind woman who had lived there for many years. I hadn’t seen her putting out her trash cans for about three months.”

Another neighbor stated that the old lady, “lived with her son.”

According to “The Sun”, the police did not want to speculate about how long the body of the deceased was in the apartment, but wanted to wait for the results of an autopsy. However, the police said that the lady’s death was not suspect and that it was probably not based on a crime, which is why the arrested person could be released on bail.

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