Coup de theater: Pfizer sentenced to 290,000 dollars for having deliberately deceived its patients

For some time now, all compromising information about the Pfizer laboratory has been censored by the mass media. What are they hiding from us while the all-powerful American lab continues to line their pockets? It’s a legitimate question that each of us has the right to ask. would like to remind its readers that last March, Pfizer was fined $290,000 for willfully misleading its customers. invites you to re-read this information completely overlooked

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“Pfizer took hold of the jam jar. The very powerful American laboratory which has received billions in the sale of its anti-Covid vaccines has just been sentenced by American justice to a heavy fine of 290,000 dollars for having deliberately deceived its customers.

According to the media well informed about this case, Pfizer had deliberately misled some 5,000 patients in the United States, living in Colorado, Kansas, Vermont and Arizona by pushing them to spend more to obtain drugs manufactured by the laboratory.

The information was confirmed by the media Denver Post which tells us that the American pharmaceutical giant offered, from 2014 to 2018, vouchers to poor patients to help them buy drugs to fight the mild and severe symptoms of menopause.

On the vouchers in question, it was however very clearly specified that the beneficiaries will not spend more than the amount mentioned therein. In fact, it was totally wrong. Because, an investigation will prove that the latter have paid much more.

The case will give rise to legal proceedings which ended up paying because the American laboratory was fined a heavy fine of 290,000 dollars. In any case, in Colorado, Pfizer will have to pay an amount of 107,000 dollars to compensate some 1,500 injured consumers.

And that’s not all. Indeed, in a communiqué released this May 20 by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office and read in its entirety by Lecourrier-du-soir.comwe learn that the American giant was also ordered to pay 30,000 dollars to reimburse the costs of the file related to this case.

The payment of this colossal fine should not be a big concern for Pfizer whose revenues have been estimated at several billion dollars over the past two years due to the sale of its anti-Covid vaccine which has been ordered by almost all States. of the world “.

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