couple find decades-old McDonald’s fries in the wall of their house

While doing renovations to their Illinois home, a couple found two hamburger wrappers, along with a half-eaten bag of fries from McDonald’s, in one of the walls. The food dates from the 1950s.

An American couple made a startling discovery while remodeling their home in Crystal Lake, Illinois. As reported by the American media, Grace and Rob Jones extracted from one of their walls two hamburger wrappers, as well as a bag of half-eaten fries, from McDonald’s.

The couple, who bought the house in 2015, were doing work in the kitchen and bathroom. It was while trying to replace the old toilet paper holder, which was original, that Rob Jones discovered the old sachets.

Sixty-year-old fries

The fries are almost perfectly preserved. “It’s unreal. How can his fries still be in this bag and preserved so well?” Asks Grace, to CNN.

When had the food been slid into the wall? The logo on the packaging represents the group’s first mascot, Speedee, which precedes Ronald McDonald and the yellow “M”, which dates from 1962, recalls Today.

While researching, the couple learned that this type of packaging was introduced in 1955, until 1961. And the first McDonald’s restaurant near their home opened on their street, in 1959, being the year of construction of the house. The fries would therefore have spent sixty years stuck in the wall of the house.

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