Covid-19: What side effects have already been identified?

Posted by Quentin on Dec 31, 2020

While the vaccination campaign in Covid-19 started all over the world, the first Side effects Pfizer vaccine have been reported. We tell you everything!

Pfizer vaccine: the first side effects

The race for the vaccine against Covid-19 has started in several countries, notably in United States and at United Kingdom, where more than 600,000 people have already been vaccinated. Thus, the first data emerge from these countries across the Channel, especially at the level of Side effects observed. Many people have felt pain around the injection site, aches or headaches, for example. ” We call them side effects but they’re just effects“, Explains Dr Paul Offit, member of the American Medicines Agency (FDA).

The FDA has listed the most commonly seen side effects after a Pfizer vaccine injection:

  1. Reaction around the injection site (84.1%)
  2. Great fatigue (62.9%)
  3. Headaches (55.1%)
  4. Body aches (38.3%)
  5. Chills (31.9%)
  6. Joint pain (23.6%)
  7. Fever (14.2%)

Note that these results are quite similar to those observed for the Moderna vaccine.

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Covid-19: Some rare cases

Following this vaccination, rarer cases have been traced to the United States and United Kingdom. In Alaska, two people were victims of a anaphylactic shock, a severe allergic reaction: rash on the face, high heart rate, itching and dizziness. Also in Boston, where a doctor also had a severe allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine. For now, difficult to draw conclusions, it will then be necessary to wait a few weeks for a greater number of people to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Posted by Quentin on Dec 31, 2020

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