Covid: Gb parks crowds, minister warning not to ruin everything – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – LONDON, MARCH 31 – There is an alarm in the United Kingdom for the assault on parks and coastal resorts reported here and there in these days of record warm spring coinciding with the first easing of the lockdown on outdoor social contacts ( up to a maximum of six people) and on individual sporting activities introduced this week in England by the government of Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister’s appeal to caution was strongly echoed today by the Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, who warned his compatriots not to “ruin everything” just as the country is committed to continuing the vaccine race to consolidate the data. on the decline in Covid infections, daily deaths and hospital admissions recorded after the heavy wave fueled by the so-called English variant of the virus.

Two parks have been closed by local Nottingham authorities after “scary scenes” of crowding were reported. While reports of violations of the rules still in force there have also been in London, Birmingham, Leeds, on the beaches of Brighton and elsewhere. A warning not to confuse the loosening of the lockdown with a total end of the restrictions, and not to give rise to meetings of people “in the sun” beyond the limit of the ‘rule of 6’ was also issued by the heads of the Welsh police. (HANDLE).



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