Covid, vaccinations in the UK also in the pharmacies of the Asda chain

Rome, January 15 – It sounds like an endorsement to the statements of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza relating to the enrollment of pharmacies, also in our country, in the anti-Covid vaccination campaign the news that comes from the United Kingdom, a country where since last Monday 11 January the administration of the vaccine in a thousand large pharmacies has been started, which join to the canonical network of hospitals, clinics and special drive-in facilities.

To speed up the vaccination campaign and get injections to the first four groups of people who have priority by mid-February, the British government has decided to go further and expand the administration also in the pharmacies of the supermarkets of the Asda chain, the first to join the project, the experimentation of which will begin on January 25 in a commercial establishment in Birmingham.

The comment of the president of Asda is enthusiastic to say the least Roger Burnley (pictured on the right): “We are incredibly proud to provide this service and want to do everything possible for it help the government speed up the launch of the vaccination program“.

Asda has announced that it will transform the Birmingham store by creating a real vaccination center within the pharmacy area. All the hubs that will be set up in the Asda chains will be open from 8 to 20 seven days a week and can count on a team of pharmacistsi qualified with experience in providing extensive vaccination programs. The doses that can be administered each day will be 250.

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Those who are included in the lists of people have priority access to vaccinations will be able to select, at their discretion, the reference Asda store where they can get vaccinated.

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