Crashed and no reception: iPhone 14 accident detection and satellite emergency call save drivers

Apple’s new feature of the satellite emergency call has apparently saved some lives again. The occupants of a car were able to use the function to call for help after falling more than 100 meters into a ravine. They had no cellphone reception there.

With the iPhone 14, Apple has introduced some new features that can save people’s lives in dangerous situations. These include accident detection and emergency calls via satellite in the form of a text message. These two features worked together to help bring help to the occupants of a crashed vehicle, California’s Montrose Search & Rescue Team reported on Twitter.

No reception in deep ravine

After the victim’s vehicle went off the road and fell more than 100 meters into a ravine, the iPhone 14’s accident detection system addressed one of the occupants and recognized an accident. However, there is no cell phone reception at the bottom of the gorge, so the iPhone guided the occupants through the dialogue for a satellite emergency call. This is triggered in the form of a text message and reached the nearest police station.

Due to the hard-to-reach location of those involved in the accident, the vehicle occupants were rescued by helicopter. This is the second documented case in which the new emergency call functions helped people in need. Previously, a man stranded in the snow in Alaska was able to call for help in this way, as you can read here.
The satellite emergency call of the iPhone 14 is now also available in Germany. The function can be used free of charge for a period of two years. It is not known how much it will cost afterwards.

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